Companion Plants For Dill: What To Plant With Dill In The Garden

dill companions
dill companions
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Companion planting is a centuries-old technique that by locating various plants in close proximity, creates conditions that enhance growing conditions by repelling pests, attracting pollinators, and making the best use of available space. When it comes to companion plants for dill, most of the following suggestions have not been tested in scientific labs but are highly recommended by experienced gardeners – often by trial and error.

Plants That Grow Near Dill

If you’re wondering what to plant with dill, experiment and see what works best in your garden. Here are some suggested dill companion plants – and a few things that AREN’T believed to be good dill plant companions. Dill is a good neighbor and a useful plant, valued for its ability to draw beneficial insects to the garden such as:

Dill also does good at discouraging various unwanted pests, including cabbage loopers, aphids, and spider mites. Gardener recommendations for dill plant companions include the following:

Combinations to Avoid

Experienced gardeners warn against planting dill next to carrots. Why? The two are actually members of the same plant family and can easily cross-pollinate. Dill may also stunt the growth of nearby carrots. Other poor dill companion plants include:

Results are mixed when it comes to planting dill near tomatoes. Young dill plants attract pollinators, repel certain tomato enemies, and tend to benefit tomato health and growth. However, many gardeners have observed that when mature, dill plants stunt the growth of tomato plants. The answer to this quandary is to prune dill every week so the plant doesn’t bloom. If you want dill to bloom, leave it in place while both plants are young, then relocate dill to another area of your garden before it flowers.

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