How To Regrow Garlic Chives: Growing Garlic Chives Without Soil

How To Regrow Garlic Chives: Growing Garlic Chives Without Soil

By: Amy Grant
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There are a number of reasons to grow your own produce. Maybe you want to have control of how your food is grown, organically, with no chemicals. Or maybe you find it less expensive to grow your own fruits and veggies. Even if you have a metaphorical black thumb, the following article fulfills all three topics. How about regrowing garlic chives? Growing garlic chives in water without soil really couldn’t be easier. Read on to find out how to regrow garlic chives.

How to Regrow Garlic Chives

Growing garlic chives in water couldn’t be simpler. Simply take an unpeeled garlic clove and plunk it in a shallow glass or dish. Cover the clove partially with water. Don’t submerge the entire clove or it will rot.

If you select organically grown garlic, then you will be regrowing organic garlic chives. This can save you a bunch of money since organics can be pricey.

Also, if you happen upon an old bit of garlic, often the cloves have begun to sprout. Don’t throw them out. Put them in a bit of water as above and, in no time, you will have delicious garlic scapes. Roots will be seen growing in a few days and shoots soon thereafter. Growing garlic chives without soil is that easy!

Once green stems have formed, you can use the garlic chives. Just snip the green ends as needed to add to eggs, as a tasty garnish, or in anything you want a kick of mild garlic flavor.

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