Ginger Plant Companions: Learn About Plants That Thrive With Ginger

ginger companions
ginger companions
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Companion planting is a traditional practice where each plant serves a purpose in the garden and form relationships that assist each other. Ginger companion planting is not a common practice, but even this spicy rooted plant can aid in the growth of other plants and be part of a culinary theme. 

"What can I plant with ginger?" you may ask. Pretty much anything with the same growth requirements. Ginger has no negative effects on any other plant, so the combination can be for recipe needs or simply as an accent in an otherwise boring green color scheme.

What Can I Plant with Ginger?

Ginger roots, or rhizomes, are the source of the pungent, spicy flavoring used dried or fresh in many world cuisines. It has numerous health benefits and thrives in humid, warm regions. 

Ginger is harvested by digging up the whole plant, so be sure to start numerous rhizomes to ensure a continuous supply of this delicious root. When you are installing your rhizomes, consider some good companions for ginger that will make a convenient culinary garden or simply provide weed cover, insect repellent, and natural mulch. 

A better question to ask is "What can't you plant with ginger?" The list will be shorter. Ginger thrives in deeply rich, loamy soil. The plant needs several hours of daylight but prefers morning light to the scorching, afternoon sun. It can also perform well in dappled light and makes an ideal companion plant under fruit and nut trees. 

Trees in the legume family are especially useful, as they fix nitrogen in the soil for better overall plant growth. Annual legumes can be used similarly such as red clover, peas, or beans. Make sure any ginger plant companions share the same growing needs in order to ensure their success.

Other Plants that Thrive with Ginger

Your selection of companions for ginger may also take into consideration the types of cooking you prefer. Ginger is a common flavoring in many Asian, Indian, and other international dishes. If you want a one-stop produce area, use plants that are often used in these cuisines as companions to the ginger plot. Perfect choices include:

For plants like cilantro and chilies, make sure they are at the edge of the planting zone or where the most light penetrates. Keeping plants that are commonly used in your favorite dishes allows you to easily harvest the ingredients for dinner without having to traipse around your landscape looking for the necessary items. 

Ginger companion planting may also include seasonings that are often combined with ginger cooking. These might be galangal, turmeric, and cardamom. These plants are related to ginger and share similar growth requirements. 

Other plants to use are semi-tropical to tropical flowering plants that will create a crazy quilt of color and enhance the lovely ginger blooms. Try calla and canna. Ginger originated in southern Asian tropical rainforests and its native plant companions include hibiscus, palms, teak, and orchids

If you are in a moist, warm region, you can try any of these natural plant companions. The indigenous plants of ginger's native region are naturals to plant in and around your ginger plot.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.