Green Magic Broccoli Variety: Growing Green Magic Broccoli Plants

Green Magic Broccoli Plnat
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Broccoli plants are a staple in the spring and fall vegetable garden. Their crispy heads and tender side shoots are truly a culinary delight. However, many beginner growers may be left feeling discouraged when their attempts to grow this tasty treat do not go as planned. Like many garden vegetables, broccoli does best when grown in cooler temperatures.

Those living in warm weather areas will need to pay special attention to heat tolerance when selecting the varieties to grow. ‘Green Magic’ is especially adapted for growth throughout a wide range of temperatures. Read on for more info.

How to Grow Green Magic Broccoli

Green Magic broccoli is a hybrid variety of heading broccoli. The Green Magic broccoli variety matures in as little as 60 days from transplant and produces large, densely-packed heads. It is especially prized for its ability to produce abundant harvests during warm spring temperatures.

The process of growing Green Magic broccoli seeds is very similar to growing other cultivars. First, growers will need to decide when the seed should be planted. This can vary depending upon the growing zone. While many are able to plant in summer for a fall harvest, others may need to plant in early spring.

Broccoli can be grown from seed or from transplants. While most growers prefer to start the seeds indoors, it is possible to direct sow the seeds. Growers should aim to move transplants into the garden around two weeks before the last expected frost date.

Broccoli plants will prefer cool soil as they grow. Summer plantings may require mulching to help regulate soil temperature and moisture levels. Rich, slightly acidic soil will be imperative to the success of the broccoli planting.

When to Harvest Green Magic Broccoli

Broccoli heads should be harvested while still firm and closed. The heads can be harvested in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to remove the broccoli by carefully using a pair of sharp garden snips. Leave several inches (7.5 cm.) of stem attached to the broccoli head.

While some gardeners prefer to remove the plant from the garden at this time, those who do choose to leave the plant will notice the formation of several side shoots after the first head has been removed. These smaller side shoots can serve as a much welcome garden treat. Continue to harvest from the plant until it no longer produces side shoots.

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