Acidic Soil Flowers And Plants - What Plants Grow In Acidic Soils

Purple And Pink Flowered Plants
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Acid-loving plants prefer a soil pH of about 5.5. This lower pH enables these plants to absorb the nutrients they need to flourish and grow. The list of what type of plants grow in acidic soil is extensive. The following suggestions are only a few of the most popular plants that need acid soil. 

Generally, the eastern half of the United States and the Pacific Northwest are best for plants that need acid soil. Before asking what types of plants grow in acid soil, check your soil pH. A neutral soil can be treated with acid-producing materials to lower the pH enough to satisfy acidic soil flowers. 

If you live in an area where the soil is alkaline, it will probably be easier to grow your acid-loving plants in containers or raised beds.

Acid Loving Plants - Shrubs

Popular acid-loving plants include:

Shrub plants that need acid soil will benefit from a mulch of pine needles, peat moss, or shredded bark that will organically help keep the soil pH low.

Plants for Acidic Soil - Flowers

The ground covers wintergreen and pachysandra and all types of ferns grow well in acidic soil. Acidic soil flowers include:

These acidic soil flowers grow best at a lower pH.

What Plants Grow in Acid Soil - Trees

Almost all evergreens are plants that need acid soil. Some acid-loving trees are:

No list of what type of plants grow in acid soil would be complete without the hydrangea. Bright blue flower heads cover the plant when the soil is acidic. While most acid-loving plants become chlorotic (yellow-green leaves) without a low enough pH, the hydrangea's flowers bloom pink with no visible discoloration in the leaves, making it a good indicator of the pH in your garden soil.

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