Pea Plant Companions: What Are Plants That Grow With Peas

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By Amy Grant

You’ve heard the saying “just like two peas in a pod.” Well, the nature of companion planting with peas is akin to that idiom. Companion plants for peas are simply plants that grow well with peas. That is, they are mutually beneficial to one another. Perhaps they ward off pea pests, or maybe these pea plant companions add nutrients to the soil. So just which plants make good garden pea companions?

Companion Planting with Peas

Companion planting is a form of polyculture and basically means planting different crops near each other for mutual benefit. The benefits of companion planting for peas or any other vegetable may be for pest control or aid in pollination. Companion planting may also be used to maximize garden space or to provide habit for beneficial insects.

Also, in nature, there is generally a great deal of plant diversity in any one ecosystem. This diversity strengthens the ecosystem and reduces the ability of any one pest or disease to decimate the system. In the home garden, we usually only have a scant variety and, in some cases, perhaps everything is from the same family, leaving the door open for certain pathogens to infiltrate the entire garden. Companion planting diminishes this chance by creating a more diverse community of plants.

Plants that Grow Well with Peas

Peas grow well with a number of aromatic herbs including cilantro and mint.

Leafy greens, such as lettuce and spinach, are excellent garden pea companions as are:

Members of the Brassica family such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage are all suitable pea plant companions.

These plants also pair nicely with peas in the garden:

Just like some people are drawn together and some people are not, peas are repelled by the planting of certain crops near them. They do not like any member of the Allium family, so keep the onions and garlic at bay. They also don’t appreciate the beauty of gladioli, so keep these flowers away from the peas.

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