What Is A Gabion Wall And What Are Gabion Walls For

Gabion Rock Wall
Gabion wall
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Would your landscaping or your garden benefit from a stone wall? Perhaps you have a hill that is washing away with the rain and you want to stop the erosion. Maybe all the recent conversation about a wall has made you aware that you need one for security on your property. When you search for these additions, you may repeatedly see gabion wall ideas. What is a gabion wall? Let’s take a look at what they are and what are gabion walls for.

What is a Gabion Wall?

Wire gabion baskets or cages filled with rock are the substance of your rock wall. Gabion baskets are secured together to create length. This construction is among the strongest available and used commercially to stabilize shorelines and riverbanks from erosion. Originally used by the military, gabion baskets have now become an integral part of building decorative hardscape features in your landscape.

Landscape contractors may use gabion walls to help correct erosion or control problems in your landscape, especially near a pond or river that might flow across your land. Using rip-rap is sometimes the preferred solution to stabilize banks, but in situations where that is not feasible, a gabion retaining wall is the next reasonable choice.

How to Build a Gabion Wall

If you wish to try this type of project yourself, empty gabion baskets are available for purchase. It takes a large amount of filler for the cages, though. Filling for gabion walls can vary and often depends on the material that is available near you at the time. Rocks are the most common filler, but broken bricks, tiles, or wood can also be used.

Keep in mind that wood will begin to rot at some point, so don’t use it for long-lasting walls or other permanent projects. If the project is just decorative, wood can be utilized in a number of ways. It may be cut and used with an attractive grain facing outward, or in chunks with unusual bark visible.

Use the cages as a border for your garden or a base for a raised bed. Some innovative gabion wall ideas show how to make outdoor furniture from them or a base for your outdoor grill. Look around, get creative, and take advantage of gabion wall uses.

Learning how to build a gabion wall is an intricate project and may require an inspection from a structural engineer and/or an architect. Consult with them to make sure your finished project is safe for the long term.

Becca Badgett

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