Central Region Shrubs – Growing Shrubs In The Ohio Valley Region

Yellow Shrub Infront Of Pink Brick Wall
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Shrubs can be the perfect permanent addition to the landscape. They can add vibrant color to flowerbeds, and many can be planted as hedges. If you’re looking to plant shrubs in the Ohio Valley or central U.S., you’re in luck. There are many varieties that are winter hardy in these locations.

Choosing Ohio Valley and Central Region Shrubs

There are several criteria to consider when selecting central region or Ohio Valley shrubs. Shrubs can vary in their mature size, light requirements, and soil conditions. Some produce beautiful, seasonal flowers and others retain their foliage in the winter. 

When choosing shrubs for Central U.S. and Ohio Valley regions, also take into consideration how tall and wide the shrub will grow. Some shrubs will stay small or can be pruned to maintain their size while others grow quite large. Finally, select shrubs for this region that will be disease and insect resistant in your area.

Shrubs for Central U.S. States and Ohio Valley

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