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Florida gardeners are lucky enough to live in a subtropical climate, which means they can enjoy their landscaping efforts practically year-round. Plus, they can grow a lot of exotic plants that northerners can only dream about (or overwinter). The University of Florida is a great resource for ideal plants for Florida, as is the program called Florida Select. Both entities make recommendations each year for gardening success. 

Best Florida Garden Plants: What to Grow in a Florida Garden

Ideal plants can include low maintenance as well as native plants. With year-round gardening chores, it’s nice to grow plants that aren’t too demanding. 

Here are low maintenance plants recommended for Florida gardening, including natives and must-have Florida plants. Low maintenance means they do not require frequent watering, spraying, or pruning to stay healthy. Epiphytes listed below are plants that live on the trunks of trees or other living hosts but do not derive nutrients or water from the host. 



Fruit Trees:

Palms, Cycads:


Shrubs and Trees:


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