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What’s on your March to-do list? Here’s a quick rundown of basic regional garden chores, but check your USDA zone before planting. 

What to Do in The Garden in March

Below are the most common regional gardening chores to tackle during March:


You’re still ordering seeds if you live east of the Cascades, but west-side gardeners in the Pacific Northwest region have work to do. 

  • Set out slug bait. Look for nontoxic bait if you have children or pets.
  • Buy seedlings and plant cool-weather crops such as cabbage and cauliflower.
  • Add new rhododendrons to beautify empty spots. 


Days are getting warmer, drier, and the weather is ideal for gardening in the western region

  • Hand-pulling weeds while they’re still small should be on your March to-do list.
  • Fertilize established citrus trees.
  • If the ground is dry, March is a good time for digging compost into flower beds.

Northern Rockies and Plains

The uncertain weather of the northern Rockies and Plains region means gardening in March is challenging.

  • Divide summer and fall blooming perennials if growth is sparse or the clumps are crowded.
  • Get onion sets and seed potatoes in the ground around the middle of March.
  • Continue to keep your bird feeders well stocked. 


Spring has sprung in lower elevations of the Southwest. It’s time to get serious about regional gardening chores.

Upper Midwest

Deciding what to do in the garden in the upper Midwest can be tricky. The weather is still cold in zones 3 through 5 but warming up further south.

  • Pruning overgrown shrubbery should be on your March to-do list. 
  • Many vegetables can be started indoors, including sweet peppers and chili peppers
  • Plant Swiss chard by the end of the month.

Ohio Valley

Nights are still chilly in much of the Ohio Valley, but days are warming up.

  • Plant leaf lettuce directly in the garden.
  • Beets love chilly temperatures, so get seeds in the ground soon. 
  • Keep aphids in check with insecticidal soap.

South Central

Southern days are getting balmy and nights within the South Central states are gradually getting warmer.


Spring weather in the Northeast region is unpredictable, so take advantage of mild days to get a jump start on regional gardening chores.


Spring is well underway in the Southeast, and you can do some serious gardening. 

  • If all danger of frost has passed, your March to-do list should include fertilizing the lawn.
  • Plant petunias, marigolds, and other warm-season annuals early in the month. 
  • Fertilize roses and perennials.
Mary H. Dyer

A Credentialed Garden Writer, Mary H. Dyer was with Gardening Know How in the very beginning, publishing articles as early as 2007.