Garden Tasks During August: South Central Gardening To-Do List

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The dog days of summer have descended upon the South-Central region. Needless to say, the heat and humidity makes tackling those August garden tasks challenging. Keeping plants watered is a number one priority this month. Here are additional items to round out your gardening to-do list for August.

South Central Gardening Tasks for August

Ready to get those garden chores done? Here are some things that require attention right now.


There's no doubt that maintaining a healthy, green August lawn in the South-Central region requires supplemental water. Set the irrigation system to apply one to one and a half inches (2.5-4 cm.) of water per week. Follow local water restrictions to conserve this precious resource. Consider these additional August garden tasks for the lawn:

  • Treat grubs this month as these immature lawn pests are close to the surface.
  • Mow as needed. Cut in the evening to reduce heat-related turf stress.
  • Spot treat weeds but avoid applying widespread weed killer when temperatures are above 85 degrees F. (29 C.).


Water is necessary to keep those annual flowers blossoming this month. Continue to deadhead or trim back annuals to promote fall flowering. Round out your flower gardening to-do list with these tasks:

  • It's time to divide those overgrown clumps of irises, peonies, and daylilies to make them more manageable next year.
  • Fertilize fall bloomers like mums and asters.
  • Take geranium and begonia cuttings to root indoors for winter.
  • Clear space in the flowerbeds for fall bulbs. Take advantage of indoor air-conditioning as you research fall bulb varieties. Place online orders by month's end or risk merchants selling out of your selections.


It's prime veggie harvest season in the South-Central region this month. Can, freeze, dehydrate, or donate produce in excess of what's needed for the dinner table. Vegetable plants require supplemental hydration to keep producing. Water deeply, near the base of the plant, to conserve water and discourage weed growth between rows of veggies.


Beat the South-Central gardening heat this month with a cool refreshing glass of cucumber-infused water. Simply soak cucumber slices in a pitcher of water overnight in the refrigerator. While you're enjoying this refreshing beverage, scan the internet for other intriguing recipes to cope with those abundant veggie harvests. Once revitalized, you can tackle the remainder of the gardening to-do list for the South-Central region:

  • Prune boxwood and yew shrubs this month.
  • Trim and shape topiaries.
  • Water and turn the compost pile.
  • Continue to water young trees and recently transplanted shrubs.
  • Check for bagworms and remove their tents.
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