List Of Zone 3 Junipers: Tips For Growing Junipers In Zone 3

List Of Zone 3 Junipers: Tips For Growing Junipers In Zone 3

The sub-zero winters and short summers of USDA plant hardiness zone 3 present a real challenge for gardeners, but cold hardy juniper plants make the job easier. Choosing hardy junipers is easy too, because many junipers grow in zones 3 and a few are even tougher!

Growing Junipers in Zone 3 Gardens

Once established, junipers are drought tolerant. All prefer full sun, although a few types will tolerate very light shade. Nearly any type of soil is fine as long as it’s well-drained and never soggy.

Here’s a list of suitable junipers for zone 3.

Spreading Zone 3 Junipers

  • Arcadia – this juniper reaches only 12 to 18 inches and its nice green color and creeping growth makes it a great ground cover in the garden.
  • Broadmoor – another ground covering juniper, this one is a bit taller, reaching about 2-3 feet in height with a 4- to 6- foot spread.
  • Blue Chip – this low-growing (only 8 to 10 inches), silvery-blue juniper looks great in areas needing quick coverage while adding contrast.
  • Alpine Carpet – even smaller at up to 8 inches, Alpine Carpet fills in areas nicely with its 3-foot spread and features an attractive blue-green color.
  • Blue Prince – only 6 inches high with a 3 to 5 feet spread, this juniper produces a lovely blue color that can’t be beat.
  • Blue Creeper – this blue-green variety spreads up to 8 feet, making it a great choice for larger areas of the garden in need of ground cover.
  • Prince of Wales – another great ground covering juniper reaching a mere 6 inches in height, Prince of Wales has a 3 to 5 feet spread and offers additional interest with its purplish tinted foliage in winter.
  • Old Gold – if you’re tired of the same old green, then this attractive creeping juniper is sure to please, offering somewhat taller (2 to 3 feet), brilliant gold foliage to the landscape scene.
  • Blue Rug – another silver-blue type with low growing foliage, this juniper covers up to 8 feet, having a growth habit much akin to its name.
  • Savin – an attractive deep green juniper, this variety reaches anywhere from 2 to 3 feet tall with a spread of about 3 to 5 feet.
  • Skandia – another good choice for zone 3 gardens, Skandia features bright green foliage of about 12 to 18 inches.

Upright Junipers for Zone 3

  • Medora – this upright juniper reaches heights of about 10 to 12 feet with nice blue-green foliage.
  • Sutherland – another good juniper for height, this one reaches around 20 feet at maturity and produces a nice silvery-green color.
  • Wichita Blue – a great juniper for smaller landscapes, reaching only 12 to 15 feet tall, you’ll love its beautiful blue foliage.
  • Tolleson’s Blue Weeping – this 20-foot tall juniper produces gracefully arching branches of silvery blue, adding something different to the landscape.
  • Cologreen – featuring compact narrow growth, this upright juniper makes a great accent screen or hedge, taking shearing quite well for more formal settings.
  • Arnold Common – a slender, conical juniper reaching only 6 to 10 feet, this one is perfect from creating vertical interest in the garden. It also features feathery, soft green aromatic foliage.
  • Moonglow – this 20-foot tall juniper has silvery blue foliage year round with an upright columnar to slightly pyramidal shape.
  • Eastern Red Cedar – don’t let the name fool you…this is, in fact, a juniper rather than a cedar as is often mistaken. This 30-foot tree has attractive gray-green foliage.
  • Sky High – another name leaving you in wonder, Sky High junipers only reach 12 to 15 feet tall, not so high when you think about it. That said, it’s a great choice for the landscape with its attractive silvery blue foliage.

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