Zone 7 Deciduous Trees: Tips On Selecting Hardy Deciduous Trees For Zone 7

autumnal leaves
autumnal leaves
(Image credit: Liudmila_Fadzeyeva)

USDA planting zone 7 is a pretty good place to be when it comes to growing hardy deciduous trees. Summers are warm but not blazing hot. Winters are chilly but not frigid. The growing season is relatively long, at least in comparison to more northern climates. This means that selecting deciduous trees for zone 7 is easy, and gardeners can choose from a very long list of beautiful, commonly planted deciduous trees.

Zone 7 Deciduous Trees

Below are just some examples of zone 7 deciduous trees, including ornamental trees, small trees, and suggestions for trees that provide fall color or summer shade. (Keep in mind that many of these hardy deciduous trees are suitable for more than one category.)


Small Trees, Under 25 feet (8 m.)

Fall Color


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