Information About Shopping Tips

Many gardeners love browsing around nurseries or greenhouses. Others think shopping for garden supplies is a necessary, unavoidable task. Either way, arming yourself with a few shopping tips will simplify the process and help you navigate through rows and rows of plants, tools and garden supplies. Read the articles below for shopping ideas that make life easier while saving a few bucks in the process.

Popular Wedding Favor Trees – Using Trees As Wedding Favors

Trees symbolize strength and hope, both being appropriate sentiments to honor a new marriage. So if you are about to walk down the aisle, why not think about giving trees as favors to your wedding guests? For more information, click this article.

Wedding Gift Trees: Can I Give A Tree As A Wedding Present

Giving trees for wedding presents is a unique idea, but it also makes sense. Will the couple really think of their special day when they use that food processor? A tree, on the other hand, will grow in their yard for years to come. Learn more in this article.

Wedding Gift Plants: Giving A Plant As A Wedding Present

Wedding gifts can be so typical, and expected. Why not surprise the bride and groom with a green wedding gift? Give them something that will last and beautify their new home, and that will always make them smile and think of you: a plant. Learn more here.

Buying Plants Online – How To Know If An Online Nursery Is Reputable

After hours of eye strain, you finally order a bunch of plants for your garden. For weeks, you wait in excited anticipation, but when your plants finally arrive, they are much less than you expected. Click this article to learn more.

Plant Nursery Information – Tips For Selecting The Best Plant Nurseries

Picking a plant nursery that is reputable and has healthy zone appropriate plants can be the key to a successful gardening project. Online plant nurseries can be part of the process. This article provides tips for choosing a reputable nursery.

Choosing Healthy Plants: How To Tell If A Plant Is Healthy

Plants are expensive and the last thing you want is for your beautiful new plant to keel over and die shortly after you bring it home, but knowing how to tell if a plant is healthy may help. Find more information and tips in this article.

How To Ship Plants: Tips And Guidelines For Shipping Live Plants By Mail

Plant sharing is a big hobby. Shipping plants by mail requires careful packaging and preparation of the plant. Knowing how to ship plants and the best way to box them up will enrich both you and the receiver. This article will help.

Seed And Plant Catalogs: Tips For Ordering Plants

Seed and plant catalogs are the harbinger of finer weather and fun times in the outdoors. Using mail order catalogs sometimes need translation. This article will help you decipher plant catalogs.

Understanding Nursery Containers – Common Pot Sizes Used In Nurseries

Inevitably you’ve come across nursery pot sizes as you have browsed through mail-order catalogs. You may have even wondered what it all means. Read here for information on common pot sizes.