Jasmine Plant Leaf Problems: Why A Jasmine Has White Spots

Jasmine Plant With Spotted Leaves
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If your jasmine has white spots, it’s time to diagnose the problem and treat it. White spots on jasmine leaves may be nothing serious, but they may also indicate a disease or pests. Read on for more information about jasmine plant leaf problems.

Common Jasmine Plant Leaf Problems

Many species of jasmine are tough enough to withstand most diseases. Jasmine also tends not to suffer damage from insect pests. However, some diseases and pests can strike any ornamental shrub, and jasmine species are not completely immune. One fairly common problem that causes jasmine plant leaf problems is called leaf spot and it is caused by fungi. Look for irregular tan or brown spots, round or oval, that appear on the leaves in July or August. Leaf spot is particularly prevalent in cool weather with frequent light rains or high humidity. It isn’t too serious if leaf spot creates a few white spots on jasmine leaves, but if defoliation results, it is more serious. To prevent a re-occurrence of leaf spot the following year, fertilize the plant appropriately in springtime and prune it to remove weak or dying branches. You should not use fungicidal sprays unless the jasmine’s life is in danger. Jasmine leaves turning white can be caused by other things too. If your jasmine has white spots on its leaves, look at them more closely. If the spots look powdery, the white spots on jasmine leaves could be powdery mildew or powdery mold. Control these conditions by using an appropriate fungicide spray and repeating every two weeks until you have done three sprayings. White spots on jasmine leaves can be insects. If the white spots on jasmine leaves are actually eggs or very small moths, the culprit might be a species of whitefly. Whiteflies are tiny insects that feed on the underside of jasmine foliage. They also lay eggs on the underside of leaves. Treat your infected jasmine leaves with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil spray. These remedies aren’t toxic to you or your pets but will get rid of the whiteflies in short order.

Teo Spengler

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