Plants With Blades: Using Plants That Have Sharp Edges In The Garden

Green Plants With Blade Like Leaves
sharp plant
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When it comes to planning and to planting the home landscape, there are many factors to consider. Size, shape, and growing requirements are all vastly important when considering which plants to choose for your home. Special consideration of plant texture or leaf features is one of many aspects that often go overlooked by homeowners. Choosing plants with unique and interesting leaves can add new dimension to yard spaces. One specific type, plants with sharp leaves, can add a unique design aesthetic to the landscape. However, these plants may also be dangerous to gardeners.

Gardening with Sharp Leaved Plants

When it comes to plants that have sharp edges, many gardeners may immediately think of plants like succulents and cacti. Though these plants are better suited to drier regions, they can thrive in most places, as long as the proper growing conditions are provided. If these plants are not ideal for your yard, however, many other sharp leaved plants are available in the form of palms and ornamental grasses.

In the wild, plants with sharp leaves have evolved to protect themselves from predators or from the harsh environments in which they live. Planting these same plants with blades into the garden can cause quite the predicament when not done with care and attention to detail.

While plants that have sharp edges, like pampas grass, can looking absolutely stunning in the landscape, they can also be quite dangerous when placed in high traffic areas or in spaces that need frequent maintenance.

In many cases, plants that have sharp edges can easily injure gardeners or their guests when planted in less than ideal locations. Sharp plants, such as the yucca, have the potential to seriously injure those who come into contact with its leaves. For this reason, it is imperative that those wishing to incorporate plants with sharp edges in their garden take responsibility for keeping themselves and their visitors safe.

Common Plants with Sharp Leaves

Though many of these plants can be quite stunning, maintaining safety in the garden should always be the first priority. Here are some of the most commonly added sharp leaves plants you’ll find in landscapes:

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