PeeGee Hydrangeas – Care Of PeeGee Hydrangea Plants

PeeGee Hydrangea Plant
peegee hydrangea
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Hydrangea bushes are a popular addition to home landscapes. Their large blooms and dependability make them an ideal choice for extended flower garden displays. Though many smaller, more compact forms have been introduced, taller cultivars are still used in garden design. One hydrangea type, known as PeeGee, is especially common.

Learning more about PeeGee hydrangea care will help gardeners decide whether growing this shrub in their yard is doable.

Growing PeeGee Hydrangea

Also known as Hydrangea paniculata ‘grandiflora,’ PeeGee hydrangeas may reach upwards of 15 feet (5 m) at maturity. These hardy plants produce a profusion of sizable white panicles each growing season, which usually begin to show a subtle pink blush tint as they age.

Their size and visual appeal makes them ideal for use as hedges and against walls or fences. Before planting and growing PeeGee hydrangeas, you should consider whether or not your proposed location will accommodate its future size.

Though the plants are adaptable to various soil types, the planting site needs to be well draining. As with most hydrangeas, PeeGee hydrangea shrubs benefit from partial shade, especially during the hottest portions of the afternoon.

Care of PeeGee Hydrangea

Most hydrangea species are relatively disease and pest free. However, frequent monitoring throughout the growing season will be required to prevent potential issues.

Irrigation may also be required in some regions which experience excessive heat to reduce wilting of plant foliage and flower blooms.

Like other hydrangea plants, pruning is necessary to promote bloom and maintain shape. Since these plants bloom on new growth, you’ll want to prune branches at the correct time. PeeGee hydrangea tree pruning should be done in late winter or early spring before growth has resumed.

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