Keeping Bugs Out Of Sandboxes – How To Kill Sandbox Bugs

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In creating an outdoor play space for children, the options are nearly limitless. While swings and slides are ever popular, many parents recognize sandbox play as an essential part of childhood. From digging to castle building, many studies suggest that this type of play promotes development of muscles, as well as coordination. However, keeping a sandbox for play does not come without necessary care and maintenance. Specifically, parents or guardians need to learn how to keep boxes free of bugs and various potential health concerns. 

Among the most common problems found in sandboxes are insects. The specific types of insects can vary greatly. Regardless of the type, bugs in sandboxes are a major concern. Bugs in sandboxes can quickly ruin a much-anticipated day of play. Various types of stinging insects, such as wasps, may be attracted to sandboxes. Several species of ants may be found as they tunnel throughout the box. These cases are especially troublesome as they are likely to bite or sting children while they play. 

How to Kill Sandbox Bugs

Determining how to kill sandbox bugs is quite difficult. The easiest solution when a sandbox has bugs in it is to begin anew. This means removing and disposing of the old sand. After the sand has been removed, the entire box should be cleaned and sanitized. After doing so, sandboxes can be replenished in a manner which is more consistent with the prevention of bug infestation.

Keeping bugs out of sandboxes is truly a matter of prevention. Before creating a sandbox, guardians should decide upon the best type. While it’s possible to maintain homemade sandboxes, store bought types are often a better option. In most cases, pre-made boxes also come with a fitted cover. These fitted covers will greatly reduce the likelihood of insects. Additionally, the cover will allow owners to make certain that the box is not visited by unwanted animals. Animal feces within the sand can cause numerous health concerns related to parasites and worms. Never allow children to play in a sandbox which may have been compromised. 

Cleanliness is essential to maintaining a healthy sandbox. Use only sand that has specifically sanitized for use in play, as this will help in keeping bugs out of sandboxes. The outer perimeter of the box will also need to be kept bug free. This can be done by ensuring that the box is not surrounded by weeds or high grass. Many also suggest mixing or turning the sand with frequency in order to deter any burrowing or tunneling pests.

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