Information About Apples

Apple trees are a great addition to the landscape and will provide an abundance of fresh fruit when given adequate apple tree care. They are one of the most popular fruit trees grown in the home garden but are among the most prone to pests and disease. Read on to learn how to recognize signs beforehand and take appropriate preventative measures for growing healthy apple trees.

Apple Tree Planting Guide: Growing An Apple Tree In Your Yard

Most apple tree planting guides will tell you that apple trees can take a long time to fruit. This depends on several factors, of which this article for growing apple trees will cover in more detail.

Apple Storage: How Long Do Apples Last

If you have your own apple tree, then you know you will harvest far more than can be eaten in one sitting. What is the best way to preserve fresh apples? Click on the following article to find out how to store apples properly for the longest shelf life.

Self-Fruiting Apple Trees: Learn About Apples That Pollinate Themselves

Apple trees are great assets to have in your backyard. While they’re rare, there are actually some apples that pollinate themselves. Click the article that follows to learn more about including these self-fruiting apple trees in the landscape.

Armillaria Root Rot Treatment: Causes Of Armillaria Root Rot Of Apple Trees

Apples are practically synonymous with fall baking, but it’s not all fun and games for the apple grower. Diseases like Armillaria root rot lurk just beneath the surface of the soil, creating substantial challenges to growing the perfect fall fruit. Learn more in this article.

Apple Russet Control: How To Prevent Russeting Of Apples

Russeting is a phenomenon that affects apples and pears, causing slightly harder patches of brown on the skin of the fruit. It doesn’t harm the fruit, but it’s not always welcome. Click this article to learn more about apple fruit russet and means of apple russet control.

Soggy Breakdown Disorder – What Causes Soggy Apple Breakdown

Brown spots inside apples can have many causes, including fungal or bacterial growth, insect feeding, or physical damage. But, if apples in cold storage develop a ring-shaped brown area under the skin, the culprit might be soggy breakdown disorder. Learn more here.

What Is Apple Blotch Fungus: Tips For Treating Apple Tree Fungus

Apples from your own tree are one of the greatest rewards your garden can provide. But what do you do if your apples look a little less magnificent than the ones at the market? There are several treatments for apple blotch fungus disease; click here to learn more.

Southern Blight Apple Treatment: Recognizing Southern Blight In Apple Trees

Southern blight is a fungal disease affecting apple trees. It’s also known as crown rot, and sometimes called white mold. It is caused by the fungus Sclerotium rolfsii. If you are interested in learning about southern blight in apple trees and its treatment, this article will help.

What Is Bot Rot In Apple: Tips On Managing Bot Rot Of Apple Trees

What is bot rot? It’s the common name for Botryosphaeria canker and fruit rot, a fungal disease that damages apple trees. For more information about apples with bot rot, including information about managing bot rot of apples, this article will help.

What Is Apple Bitter Pit – Learn About Treating Bitter Pit In Apples

Apples have their share of disease and pest issues that many growers have experienced, but they are also susceptible to physiological disorders. One of the more common of these is apple bitter pit disease. What is apple bitter pit in apples? Find out here.

What Is Apple Cork Spot: Learn About Treating Apple Cork Spot

Your apples are ready to harvest but you notice that many of them have small depressions to larger corky, discolored areas on the surface of the fruit. Don’t panic, the apples are still edible they just have apple cork spot disease. Learn more in this article.

Twig Cutter Insect Control: Preventing Apple Twig Cutter Damage

If your apple trees are constantly plagued by hole filled, distorted fruits that suddenly just drop off the tree, continue reading this article to learn about controlling twig cutter weevils. Click here for more information.

Spur Bearing Apple Info: Pruning Spur Bearing Apple Trees In The Landscape

With so many varieties available, shopping for apple trees can be confusing. Add terms like spur bearing, tip bearing and partial tip bearing and it can be even more so. Most commonly sold apple trees are spur bearing. Learn more about them here.

Apple Tree Companions: What To Plant Under Apple Trees

Did deer beat you to those apples? With proper use of apple companion plants, those deer may have gone elsewhere for a midnight snack. Learn what grows well with apple trees in this article and help fend off these and other would-be intruders.

Apple Tree Root Rot – Reasons For Root Rot In Apple Trees

We love our apples and growing your own is a joy but not without its challenges. One disease that commonly afflicts apples is Phytophthora collar rot, also referred to as crown rot or collar rot. Learn more about it in this article.

Apple Leaf Curling Midge Treatment: Learn About Apple Leaf Midge Control

Apple leaf curling midges are specifically problematic in northeastern and northwestern states. Click this article to understand the apple leaf curling midge life cycle and how to treat the apple leaf curling midge damage.

Apple Trees Dropping Fruit: Reasons Why Apples Drop Prematurely

Is your apple tree dropping fruit? Don’t panic. There are several reasons why apples drop prematurely and they may not necessarily be bad. Find out what makes apples fall from the tree in this article and what can be done about it.

How To Fertilize Apple Trees – Tips On Apple Tree Feeding

While apple trees are moderate users of most nutrients, they do use a lot of potassium and calcium. Thus, these should be applied each year when apple tree feeding, but what about other nutrients? Find out how to fertilize apple trees in this article.

Water Sprout Removal – How To Prune Apple Tree Water Sprouts

Water sprouts are thin shoots that arise from the trunk or branches of an apple tree. Apple tree water sprouts drain vital energy from a tree without providing any benefit in return. Find out what causes unsightly water sprouts and what to do about them in this article.

Container Grown Apple Trees: How To Grow An Apple Tree In A Pot

No space for an apple tree? What if you were to start small, say by growing an apple tree in a pot? Can you grow apple trees in containers? Yes, indeed! Click on this article to find out how to grow an apple tree in a pot.

Apple Collar Rot Life Cycle: Tips For Treating Collar Rot In Fruit Trees

One of the more dangerous diseases of apple trees is collar rot. Collar rot of apple trees is responsible for the death of many of our favorite fruit trees across the nation. What is collar rot? To learn more, this article will help.

Apple Tree Types: What Are Some Common Apple Varieties

If you’ve visited a farmers’ market or produce stand lately, you’ve probably been amazed at the different types of apples. Click this article to learn about apple tree types and a few of the most common apple varieties.

Thinning Out Apples: Learn How And When To Thin Apple Trees

Many apple trees thin themselves naturally to some extent but may hold onto to some of them. To get the largest, healthiest fruit from an apple tree, you occasionally need to give Mother Nature a hand and thin apple trees. Find out how to thin apple fruit in this article.

Apple Tree Burr Knots: What Causes Galls On Apple Tree Limbs

I always wondered about the knobby growths on the apple trees and have since discovered that there are a couple of things that can cause them. To learn more about what these are, this article will help with information about apple tree burr knots.

Apples With Red Flesh: Information About Red-Fleshed Apple Varieties

You haven’t seen them at the grocers, but apple growing devotees have no doubt heard of apples with red flesh. A relative newcomer, there are a number of red fleshed apple trees available to the home fruit grower. Read this article to learn more.

Saving Apple Seeds: When And How To Harvest Apple Seeds

Can’t I just plant some seeds from my favorite variety and ensure a life time of apple happiness? How exactly do I create this apple cornucopia? What do I do first? Maybe you, like I, have wondered how and when to harvest apple seeds. Find out here.

What Is Black Rot: Treating Black Rot On Apple Trees

Distressing as it is, when block rot attacks your apple trees, it’s not the end of the world. You can get your apples back and have healthy harvests if you understand how to destroy the disease. This article will help with treating black rot in apples.

Keeping Pests Out Of Apple Trees: Common Insect Pests Affecting Apples

As much as we love apples, there is a wide array of insect pests affecting apple harvests. What then are some apple tree bug treatments that will assist us with keeping pests out of apple trees? Click here to learn more about them.

Tips For Harvesting Apples And Post Harvest Apple Storing

Apples are certainly nutritious and are arguably one of America’s favorite fruit. So how do you know when to pick apples and exactly how do you harvest apples and then store them properly? Read this article to learn more about apple harvesting.

What Is Sooty Blotch: Information On Sooty Blotch Treatment Of Apples

Growing apples is supposed to be easy, so what do you do if your entire crop turns black for no apparent reason? Read the following article to find out more about sooty blotch on apples.

Flyspeck Apple Disease – Information About Flyspeck On Apples

Flyspeck on apples is a common problem, but it's simple to manage with some cultural modifications. Learn more about flyspeck and its control in the following article so you can keep it managed in the garden.

Scab On Apple Trees: Indentifying And Treating Apple Scab Fungus

Apple trees are an easy-care addition to any home garden. Unfortunately, scab on apple trees is a common and serious problem. Read here to learn about controlling apple scab in their trees.

Cross Pollination Of Apple: Information On Apple Tree Pollination

Cross pollination between apple trees is crucial to achieving good fruit set when growing apples. Learn more about cross pollinating apples in this article so you can ensure a healthy crop of fruit.

Apple Tree Care: When And How To Prune An Apple Tree

Apple trees may make a great shade tree, but if you want to garner the delicious fruit, you need to pull out those pruning shears. Learn how and when to prune apple trees in this article.

Apple Tree Problems: How To Get Fruit On Apple Trees

Apple trees are a great addition to any landscape and, if healthy, will provide an abundance of fruit. However, you may occasionally wind up with a non-fruiting apple tree. Learn why in this article.

Tips For Cedar Apple Rust Control

If you’re noticing unusual looking, green-brown growths on your cedar tree, you may have been infected by cedar apple rust. Find out more about the disease and its management in this article.

Apple Maggot Prevention: Apple Maggot Signs And Control

Apple maggots can ruin an entire crop. In this article you will learn how to recognize the signs and take appropriate preventative measures beforehand in fighting off these pests.

Information On Common Diseases Of Apple Trees

Apple trees are one of the most popular fruit trees in the home garden, but among the most prone to disease and problems. This article will help with common issues so you can better manage them.