Fallen Leaves And Lemon
fallen cirtus leaves
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Citrus trees love warm weather and usually do quite well in warmer states. However, the warmer the weather, the more issues will be had with citrus leaf problems. You will find that in warmer climates, you will see leaves falling off a citrus tree for various reasons. Orange, lemon, and lime tree leaves are all prone to the same types of problems.

Citrus Leaf Problems

The most common citrus leaf problem for lemon, lime, and orange tree leaves is leaf drop. This can be caused by any number of reasons, but the most common is a great fluctuation in temperature, causing the leaves falling off a citrus tree to continue to drop until the tree can handle the temperature once more. Citrus trees like warm weather but do best in temperatures that don't go much above 60 to 65 degrees F. (15-18 C.) Further, whether you have your citrus trees indoors or out, you should make sure the temperature doesn't fluctuate; that it is more of a constant temperature. This will definitely help stop leaves from falling off a citrus tree. Citrus leaf problems can also be caused by scale. Scale insects will cause orange, lime, and lemon tree leaves to fall off the trees as well. These insects can be removed from the leaves of the citrus tree with a sharp knife. You can also use your fingernail or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. If you find that there are too many insects to remove this way, you can spray the tree. Either spray the tree leaves with alcohol, or if you want to go a more natural route, use a mixture of lemon juice, garlic juice, and cayenne pepper. Neem oil spray is effective too. If, after checking the tree thoroughly, you find the leaves falling off a citrus tree in your home or yard, you should make sure the soil around the roots is wet enough. These trees like a lot of water and you need to water them thoroughly each time you water. Instead of just looking for signs of soil dryness, poke your finger into the soil so you can feel how damp the soil is beneath the surface. Orange tree leaves and other citrus tree leaves are very prone to leaf drop and doing whatever you can to prevent your citrus tree leaves from dropping should definitely help your cause. If you do your best to prevent the major causes, you shouldn't have too many problems with these hardy trees.

Kathee Mierzejewski

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