Information About Hyssop

Sunset Hyssop Information: How To Grow Sunset Hyssop Plants

As the name implies, sunset hyssop plants produce trumpet-shaped blooms that share the colors of the sunset. Growing sunset hyssop isn’t difficult, as the plant is drought-tolerant and requires little maintenance. This article will help get your started.

Agastache Plant Types – Varieties Of Hyssop For The Garden

Agastache varieties may cross pollinate and produce specimens that do not mimic the parent plant. This can either be a fun occurrence or a nuisance if your preferred species is taken over by a cross. Learn more about the types of Agastache in this article.

Cutting Back Anise Hyssop: How And When To Prune Agastache

Agastache, or anise hyssop, is an aromatic, culinary, cosmetic and medicinal herb. Light trimming will keep the plant looking its best. In this article, we will discuss when and how to prune Agastache for best results and a healthy plant.

Agastache Flower – How To Grow Agastache

Agastache is a perennial plant with lovely flower spires that bloom all season long. Learning how to grow Agastache requires no special skills or care. The information in this article can help get you started.

Tips For Growing Hyssop Plant In Your Garden

Hyssop is an attractive flowering herb commonly grown for its flavorful leaves. Growing a hyssop plant is easy and makes a lovely addition to the garden. Find out how to grow hyssop plants in this article.