Information About Potatoes

Need to know how to grow potatoes? Perhaps you are looking for information on harvesting potatoes and their subsequent storing. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find plenty of potato growing tips that will make caring for potato plants and dealing with possible potato issues much easier. So if you want to know how to grow potatoes and care for them all season long, the following information should help.

How To Grow Potatoes: When To Plant Potatoes

Growing potatoes in your garden can be lots of fun. Learn how to grow potatoes and when to plant potatoes in your yard with the simple steps found in the following article so you can enjoy your own potato crop this year.

What Is An Irish Potato – Learn About The History Of Irish Potatoes

The Irish Potato Famine is a harrowing time in history and some of you may not want to know more about Irish potato information, but it is important to learn about the history of Irish potatoes so it is not repeated. So, what is an Irish potato anyways? Click here to learn more.

Potato Tower Instructions – Tips On Building A Potato Tower

Urban gardening sites are all aflutter with a new way to grow potatoes: a DIY potato tower. Homemade potato towers are simple structures that are perfect for gardeners with little space. Find step-by-step potato tower instructions in this article.

Potato Plants Under Leaves: How To Grow Potatoes In Leaves

Potatoes don’t seem to care under what medium they are grown, which got me to wondering “can you grow potato plants in leaves.” You’re likely going to rake the leaves up anyway, so why not try growing potatoes in a leaf pile? Learn more here.

Potato Plant Companions: What Are The Best Companion Plants For Potatoes

Companion planting is growing plants near other plants that benefit each other in various ways. Potato plants have many beneficial companions. This article provides information on what to plant with potatoes. Click here to learn more.

Covering Potato Plants: How To Hill Up Potato Plants

Whether grown in a garden, a barrel, old tires or a grow bag, potatoes need to be covered with loose organic material periodically, or hilled up. This article will help get you started with learning how to hill up potato plants.

Planting Potato Pieces: Which End Of The Potato Is Up

If you’re new to the wonderful world of gardening, things that are obvious to seasoned gardeners may seem strange. For example, which way is up when planting potatoes? And should you be planting potatoes eyes up or down? Find out here.

Potato Plant Diseases – Is There A Treatment For Potato Leafroll Virus

Potatoes are prone to a number of potato plant diseases not to mention susceptible to insect attack and Mother Nature’s whims. Amongst these potato plant diseases is potato leafroll virus. What is potato leafroll and what are the symptoms of potato leafroll virus? Find out here.

How To Trim Potato Plants – Should I Cut Back Potato Plants

Potato plants are grown for their edible tuber while some varieties are grown simply as ornamentals. Either way, healthy potato plant growth may get a bit out of hand at times. It makes one wonder “should I cut back potato plants?” Find out in this article.

Potato Bed Preparation: Prepping Beds For Potatoes

Incredibly nutritious, versatile in the kitchen, and with a long storage life, potatoes are one of the “must haves” for the home gardener. Properly preparing a potato bed is the key to a healthy, prolific potato crop. Click here to learn more.

What Is True Potato Seed: Learn About Potato Seed Growing

If you have ever grown potatoes before, you are familiar with planting seed potatoes. The term “seed potato” is a bit confusing when it is actually a tuber, not a seed. So do potatoes produce seeds and, if so, why isn’t this used instead? Find out here.

Tips On Saving Seed Potatoes For Planting Next Year

Back in the day, there were no certified seed spuds, so how did folks go about saving seed potatoes and what conditions are best for seed potato storage? Read this article for answers to these questions and learn if you can save your own seed potatoes.

Knobby Deformed Potatoes: Why Potato Tubers Are Deformed

If you have ever grown potatoes in the home garden, you have likely reaped interestingly shaped spuds. When potato tubers are deformed, the question is why and is there a way to prevent knobby deformed potatoes? Read here to find out.

What Are Potato Eelworms: Prevention And Treatment For Eelworms

A nematode by any other name is just as nasty of a garden problem. Nematode eelworm control can help safeguard your potato crop. Learn about eelworms in potatoes and what you can do to stop them in this insightful article.

Potato Soft Rot: Tips For Managing Bacterial Soft Rot Of Potatoes

Bacterial soft rot is a common problem in potato crops. What causes soft rot in potatoes and how can you avoid or treat this condition? Read this article for information on this potato disease and find out.

Blight Control In Potatoes: How To Treat Early And Late Potato Blight

Potato blight diseases are the bane of gardeners everywhere. These fungal diseases wreak havoc in gardens throughout the growing season. Learn more about potato blight diseases here.

What Is Potato Scab Disease: Tips On Treating Scab In Potatoes

Like elephant hide and silver scurf, potato scab is an undetectable disease that most gardeners discover at harvest time. Read here to learn more about potato scab and how to prevent it.

Swollen Potato Lenticels – What Causes Potato Lenticels To Swell

Swollen potato lenticels give a potato an overall uniformly bumpy appearance when they make their debut. Scary though they seem, they're not cause for serious concern. Read here for more info.

Potatoes Are Splitting – What To Do For Potato Elephant Hide Disorder

There are many things that can go wrong with potatoes as they develop. If your potatoes are splitting on the surface, it could be potato elephant hide disorder. Read here for more information.

Potato Hollow Heart: What To Do For Hollow Heart Disease In Potatoes

Growing potatoes is fraught with mystery and surprises, especially for the beginning gardener. Hollow heart in potatoes is a common problem. Read this article to learn more about this potato disease.

Dry Rot Of Potatoes: What Causes Dry Rot In Potatoes

With great care, you can prevent potato dry rot disease from spreading throughout your garden, but once a potato tuber is infected, treatment isn't possible. Read here for more info.

What Is Potato Scurf: Tips On Treating Potato Scurf

Potato scurf disease is among the tuber diseases that you won't know you have until harvest time or beyond. This article provides additional information on potato silver scurf control.

What Is Potato Pink Rot: Tips For Treating Pink Rot In Potatoes

When pink rot potato disease appears in your mature potato patch close to harvest, your first thoughts may be about treating pink rot in potatoes, but sadly, there is no cure once it has taken hold. Read more here.

Types Of Potatoes – What Are Late, Mid And Early Season Potatoes?

There are many different types of potatoes loosely classified between early season potatoes and late season potatoes. Read this article to learn more about these potato plant varieties.

Planting Potatoes: Learn How Deep To Plant Potatoes

Let’s talk potatoes. Though many people are familiar with when to plant potato crops, others may question how deep to plant potatoes once they’re ready for growing. This article will help you with that.

Grow Bags For Potatoes: Tips For Growing Potatoes In Bags

Gardeners traditionally hill potatoes but this method takes up space. Grow bags for potatoes are an excellent solution for patio or small space gardeners. Learn more about planting potatoes in bags here.

Storing Potatoes In Ground: Using Potato Pits For Winter Storage

Storing potatoes in ground pits was once a popular way to ensure plenty of food throughout the winter season. You can try this storage method too using the information found in this article.

Potato Plant Flowering: My Potato Blossoms Turned Into Tomatoes

Tomatoes and potatoes are in the same family. Occasionally, gardeners will notice tomato looking things on potato plants. Read the following article to find out why this is and what they are.

Potato Plants Not Producing: Answers To Why No Potatoes On Plants

There is nothing in the world as disappointing as digging your first lushly leafed potato plant only to discover that your potatoes produced leaves but no crop. Read this article to get reasons for low potato yields.

Potato Tuberworm Damage – Tips For Controlling Potato Tuberworms

The potatoes you planted were looking green and lush above the soil surface, but underground it’s a different story. Upon closer inspection, the potato tuberworm is revealed. Learn more about this pest here.

Causes For Bitter Potato Skins: Learn About Green Skin On A Potato

Whether russet, Yukon gold or red, all potatoes have the potential to turn green and, in this case, green is not a desirable color to behold. Why do potato skins turn green? Read this article to find out.

What Is Potato Wilt: How To Control Wilted Potato Plants In The Garden

Nothing is more frustrating when growing potatoes than to find them suddenly wilting and dying in the garden. So what is potato wilt and how can you prevent wilted potato plants in the first place? Read here to learn more.

Tips On How To Grow Seed Potatoes In The Garden

Before you can harvest potatoes, you need to plant seed potatoes. Growing seed potatoes is easy and affordable, but there are a few things you need to know. This article can help with how to plant seed potatoes.

Getting Rid Of Potato Beetles: How To Kill Colorado Potato Beetle

Potato beetles are pests of plants in the nightshade family. Potatoes are one plant they devour but the beetles also eat tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. Getting rid of potato beetles is a priority, and this article can help.

Container Potatoes – How To Grow Potatoes In A Container

Growing potatoes in containers can make gardening accessible for the small space gardener. When you grow potatoes in a container, harvesting is easier because all the tubers are in one place. Click here for more.

Potato Storing After Harvest: How To Keep Potatoes From The Garden

Potatoes can be harvested as you need them but at some point, you need to dig the whole crop up to preserve before it freezes. How to keep potatoes fresh and usable? Storing garden potatoes is easy. This article can help.

Information On Growing New Potatoes In Your Garden

Learning how to grow new potatoes provides you with a season long crop of fresh baby spuds and a storable crop of the tubers for after the season. Planting new potatoes is easy and this article will help.

How And When To Harvest Potatoes

Are you wondering when to harvest potatoes you’ve so carefully tended? Knowing how to harvest potatoes will help you will help you get the greatest benefit from your crop. Read here for more information.

Sprouting Seed Potatoes – Learn More About Chitting Potatoes

Do you wish you could get your potatoes harvested little earlier? If you try chitting potatoes, or sprouting seed potatoes, before you plant them, you can harvest your potatoes up to three weeks earlier. Click here for more info.

Fungicide For Seed Potatoes To Prevent Problems Growing Potatoes

One of the biggest problems growing potatoes in the garden is the possibility of fungus forming on the potatoes. When you use fungicide for seed potatoes, you can greatly reduce this from happening. Learn more here.

Tips For Growing Potatoes In Straw

If you want to grow potatoes in straw, there are proper, old-fashioned ways to do it. You might be asking yourself, "How do I grow potatoes in straw?" This article can help get you started with planting potatoes in straw.