Potato Plant Companions: What Are The Best Companion Plants For Potatoes

Rows Of Potato Plants In The Garden
potato companions
(Image credit: Yola Watrucka)

Companion planting is a practice that's been used in gardening since the dawn of agriculture. Simply put, companion planting is growing plants near other plants that benefit each other in various ways. Some companion plants help deter insects and other pests from their vulnerable companions. Other companion plants can reduce the risk of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Companion plants can also improve the flavor, taste, scent, beauty, and growth of other plants. Potato plants have many beneficial companions. Continue reading to learn what to plant with potatoes.

Companion Planting with Potatoes

While there are good beneficial companion plants for potatoes, there are also plants that can cause disease and growth problems. Before planting potatoes, keep the following in mind:

There are, however, many beneficial potato plant companions.

  • Plant cabbage, corn, and beans around potato hills to improve their growth and taste.
  • Growing horseradish as a companion plant for potatoes is said to make potatoes resistant to diseases.
  • Lettuce and spinach are often planted between rows of potatoes to save room in the garden and because they do not compete for nutrients.
  • Chamomile, basil, yarrow, parsley, and thyme are herbal companion plants for potatoes that improve their growth and flavor, while also attracting beneficial insects to the garden.
  • Petunias and alyssum also attract beneficial insects to potato plants.

What to Plant with Potatoes to Keep Bugs Away

While I’ve already mentioned plants that attract good bugs near potatoes, there are also several potato plant companions that deter bad bugs.

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