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There are different climate zones in Texas, but they all have something in common – lots of sun. And that means you need to know which plants can take the heat and, in some regions, humidity. Texas’ full-sun plants are many and varied, so you do have choices. 

You may be looking for full-sun groundcover Texas plants, perennials, native plants, or even Texas superstars. Many annuals and tropicals love full sun, too. 

Best Full Sun Plants for Texas Gardens

Perennials are often the staple of a summer garden. They come back year after year from their own roots. They are easily propagated by seed, division, or cuttings. In many cases, division will invigorate the root system of an herbaceous perennial. Any time blooms seem to be subsiding or a clump is dying out in the middle, it's time to dig up and divide the plant. 

Since most perennials have a short flowering period, annuals can provide season-long color. Nectar-rich annuals and perennials also will attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other nectar-seeking insects. Add native plants of Texas to further diversify your landscape with plants acclimated to the area, plus they provide the habitat needed for birds, insects, and other wildlife to survive. 

Here are full-sun flowers Texas style:




*Texas Superstar plant

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