Green Wedding Ideas: Growing Plants For Wedding Favors

wedding favors
wedding favors
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Grow your own wedding favors and your guests will take home an enchanting reminder of your special day. Wedding plant favors are useful, fun to make, and easily adapted to your wedding budget. Read on for a few green wedding ideas to light your creative spark.

Plants as Wedding Favors

Miniature roses may cost a bit more than other wedding plant favors, but your guests can enjoy the blooms for years to come. Plant the roses in plantable peat or coir containers, then nestle the container into a small pot or cup. Tiny packets of wildflower seeds make adorable favors, and your guests can plant the seeds in the garden for years of enjoyment. Use a sewing machine to stitch clear cellophane or glassine packets onto colorful card stock or create your own decorative paper envelopes. You could also include a decorative pot for wildflower growing. African violets in 2 inch (5 cm.) pots make great wedding plant favors. Purchase tiny African violets at a plant store or florists shop or start ahead of time and grow your own African violets by planting leaves from a mature plant. (African violets are surprisingly easy to start!) Green wedding ideas include small containers filled with potted herbs such as:

Include tags along with growing information. Plants for wedding favors can also include small succulents planted in vintage teacups. Start shopping for vintage teacups ahead of time, then fill each one with a miniature succulent like jade, kalanchoe, or aloe vera. You can even choose a small Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus start. Lucky bamboo plants in pebble-filled glass or Lucite containers make elegant wedding plant favors. Even your most plant-challenged guests will love lucky bamboo, which requires virtually no care. Air plants are fascinating, out-of-the-ordinary wedding plant favors. Have fun and use your imagination with this one. For example, place air plants in seashells, miniature fishbowls, glass vials or beakers, or nestle them in fabric-wrapped boxes. For a spring or early summer wedding, plant a petunia in a small terracotta pot. Dress up inexpensive terracotta pots with fabric or colorful paper, then finish the presentation with bright ribbon. (Pansies are perfect for a late winter or early spring wedding.)

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