Cutting Propagation Plants: What Plants Can Root From Cuttings

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Whether planning a vegetable garden or an ornate flower bed, the process of selecting and purchasing plants can feel like quite the task. Depending upon the size of the planting space, the costs of starting a garden can add up quickly. Luckily, savvy gardeners can grow a beautiful garden with little investment. Learning more about plants that grow from cuttings will reward homeowners for many years to come.

About Plants for Cutting Propagation

Rooting plants from cuttings is one of the easiest ways to propagate, or make more, plants for the garden. The propagation process can be used for both woody and herbaceous plants; however, the procedure will vary somewhat depending upon type.

Before choosing plants for cutting propagation, it will first be important to do some research. While a number of plants can be multiplied in this way, this method will not work with every plant species.

What Plants Can Root from Cuttings?

In taking cuttings, propagation plants abound. While most people immediately think of rooting plants from cuttings of ornamental flowers, some herbs and vegetables can also be easily rooted. Since plants that grow from cuttings will be identical to the parent plant, this technique is especially helpful for seeds that are difficult to germinate or varieties that are rare or hard to find.

Keep in mind that although this method of propagation will help increase the number of plants in the garden, it is important to remember that some plant varieties are patented. These varieties should never be propagated, unless the grower has special authorization from the patent holder to do so. Choosing heirloom varieties of plants will help to avoid issues involving patents.

Of course, an entire list of plants suitable for cuttings would be difficult, so here are some of the more common types for those just starting out:

Herb Plants That Grow from Cuttings

Many herbs can be easily rooted by cuttings, such as:

Vegetable Cutting Propagation Plants

Some types of vegetables can be rooted through cuttings or even regrown in water:

Ornamental Flowers That Grow from Cuttings

Common flowering garden plants can be started via cuttings, such as:

Favorite Houseplant Cuttings

Many houseplants can be propagated through cuttings. Here are some popular ones to try:

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