Edible Countertop Growing: Gifting Kits To Grow Food

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Kits to grow food are great gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays, new homes, or even for yourself. They can be as simple or as high-tech as you need, from seed-growing kits to elaborate hydroponic sets with grow lights, timers, and helpful hints.

Kits for Edible Countertop Growing

Kits work well for new gardeners as well as seasoned pros, indoors or out. When outdoor growing becomes an impossibility, look no further than countertop growing kits ideal for kitchens and windowsills. Here are some options for gifting kits to grow food.

Herb and vegetable kits seem to be the biggest demand, but you can even find mushroom growing kits and, well, edible chrysanthemum greens. Pricing runs the gamut from low to high, so gift giving is easy. There are subscription services to try that take all the guesswork out of gardening with yearlong help, how-to’s, and fully rooted plants, soilless mixes, and nutrients.

Good choices for countertop growing are kits for herbs, microgreens, and low-maintenance vegetables. Herbs can vary with what you like and what are suitable for indoors such as:

Vegetable growing kits can include seeds and accessories or full-blown, advanced systems with automatic programming. Good choices for easy vegetables are:

Microgreen growing kits produce tasty, leafy greens ideal for salads and burgers in only two to three weeks. They are easy to grow in water and kits with special receptacles and a small, overhead grow light are available for gifting. For the more advanced gardeners, skip the kits and put together your own indoor garden with easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Dust off an old bookshelf, add grow lights, and voila!

Kits to grow food such as a vegetable gardening gift or other edible garden kits can make productive use of small, unused spaces such as a balcony, patio, or countertop. Those who never thought they had the room or know-how to garden will have fun with these introductory growing kits and advanced systems. 

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