Information About Holly Bushes

When you know how to grow holly and provide the best conditions for them, then the care of holly bushes is not only easy but minimal. Good holly care can help produce lush, healthy growth and avoid any problems with holly pests and disease later. So keep reading for tips on how to grow holly successfully and provide the best possible care of holly bushes in your landscape.

Proper Care For Holly Shrubs – Tips For Growing A Holly Bush

Growing holly bushes in your yard can add year-round interest. Because they are such popular plants, many people have questions about the care of holly bushes. Read this article to learn more about growing holly.

Robin Red Holly Info: Tips For Growing Robin Red Hollies

Holly plants of all types are often the first go-to plant for winter gardens. Because of this, plant breeders are continually creating newer varieties. One such new variety of holly is the Robin Red holly. Click this article for more Robin Red holly info.

Oak Leaf Holly Information – Learn How To Grow An Oak Leaf Holly Plant

Oak Leaf holly (Ilex x “Conaf”) is a hybrid in the Red Holly series. It has outstanding potential as a standalone specimen or massed with others of its kind in a glorious hedge. For help on growing Oak Leaf hollies and tips on their care, click here.

Holly Fruiting Schedule – When Does Holly Bloom And Fruit

Holly’s deep, evergreen foliage and bright red berries are sometimes the only sign of life in the winter landscape. You may wonder does holly bloom or what other interest does it have in the garden? Click here to learn more about holly fruiting and flowering times.

Possumhaw Holly Information – How To Grow A Possumhaw Hollies

What is a possumhaw holly? This deciduous holly is native to North America. Click this article for more possumhaw holly information. We’ll give you some tips about how to grow possumhaw hollies and possumhaw holly care.

Holly Companions – What Can I Grow Underneath A Holly Bush

Finding companion plants for growing holly bushes can be a challenge. With preferences of slightly acidic, moist soils in partly shaded locations, planting under holly bushes that are more established can also be a challenge. Learn more in this article.

What Is Blue Holly – Tips On Growing Meserve Blue Hollies

If you like holly trees, you might like blue holly. What is blue holly? Blue holly, also known as Meserve holly, is a hardy hybrid holly with shiny, blue-green evergreen leaves. For more Meserve holly information and tips on growing Meserve blue hollies, click here.

Holly Spring Leaf Loss: Learn About Holly Leaf Loss In Spring

It’s springtime, and your otherwise healthy holly shrub develops yellowing leaves. The leaves soon begin dropping off. Is there a problem, or is your plant okay? Find out why this happens and what can be done about it in this article.

Nellie Stevens Holly Care: Tips On Growing Nellie Stevens Holly Trees

Nellie Stevens is a happy accident between a Chinese holly and an English holly. It has an interesting back story and an even more interesting growth form. Learn more about this plant in the article that follow and decide if you would like one in your garden.

Winterberry Holly Care: Tips On Growing Winterberry Holly

Winterberry holly is a slow-growing bush, native to North America. It gets its name from the Christmas-red berries on the bare stems much of the winter. For winterberry holly information, including notes on how to grow winterberry holly, click here.

American Holly Information: Tips On Growing American Holly Trees

Most of us are family with holly shrubs in the landscape and growing American holly trees (Ilex opaca) is a relatively easy endeavor. Learn more about how to grow this holly species in this article.

Japanese Holly Care – Tips On Growing Japanese Holly Shrubs

If you are looking to plant an easy-care hedge in a mild region, Japanese holly can work well. These pretty evergreen shrubs have small green leaves, shiny and spineless, and require very little maintenance. Learn more in this article.

What Is Holly Scorch: Learn About Leaf Scorching In Holly Bushes

The discovery of winter damage on your shrubs can be frustrating. If your holly bush has developed widespread leaf drying or browning, it’s probably suffering from leaf scorch. This article will help prevent future outbreaks.

Holly Plant Fertilizer: How And When To Feed Holly Shrubs

Fertilizing hollies regularly leads to plants with good color and even growth, and it helps the shrubs resist insects and disease. This article explains when and how to fertilize holly bushes in the landscape.

Common Types Of Holly Shrubs: Learn About Different Holly Plant Varieties

The holly family includes a diverse group of shrubs and trees. With so much variation, you’re sure to find one to fill your landscape need. Take a look at some of the different types of hollies in this article.

About Sky Pencil Holly: Planting And Care Of Sky Pencil Hollies

Unique and with a style all its own, Sky Pencil holly is a versatile plant with dozens of uses in the landscape. Read here to find out how to care for this interesting plant.

Growing Yaupon Hollies: Learn About Yaupon Holly Care

A yaupon holly shrub is one of those plants gardeners dream of because it tolerates almost anything. Learn more about growing and caring for this shrub in the following article.

Tips For Growing Inkberry Holly: Learn About The Care Of Inkberries

Inkberry holly shrubs fill a number of landscaping uses, from shorter hedges to tall specimen plantings. Growing inkberry holly is a simple project, as these plants are almost carefree. Learn more here.

Holly Berry Midge Pests: Learn About Holly Midge Symptoms And Control

Holly shrubs take on a new character when their foliage becomes a backdrop for large clusters of berries. But when berries fail to ripen, the culprit is a small insect called a holly berry midge. Click here for more.

Reasons Why A Holly Bush Doesn’t Have Berries

Many frustrated holly owners have asked “why doesn't my holly bush have berries?” When you have a holly with no berries, you may feel you are missing out. Read here to find out how to get berries on holly.

How To Transplant Holly Bushes

Moving holly bushes incorrectly can result in the holly losing its leaves or even dying. Read this article to learn more about how to transplant holly bushes and when is the best time to transplant a holly.

Information On How To Fix Yellow Leaves On Holly Trees

Yellow leaves on holly trees is a fairly common problem for gardeners. On a holly, yellow leaves typically indicates an iron deficiency. A holly turning yellow can be fixed with a few simple changes. This article will help.

Propagation Of Holly Shrubs With Holly Cuttings

Holly cuttings are considered hardwood cuttings. These differ from softwood cuttings. When you are propagating holly bushes, the holly cuttings are taken from that year's new growth. Learn more in this article.

Propagation Of Holly Shrubs With Holly Seeds Or Cuttings

Holly propagation can be a rewarding experience provided you have the patience and fortitude required for success. In this article, we will look at the methods for growing holly seeds and cuttings.

Diseases Of Holly Bushes: Pests And Diseases Damaging Holly Bushes

Holly bushes are generally hardy but can occasionally suffer their share of diseases, pests and other problems. Learn more about these holly bush problems with the information found in this article.

Trimming Holly Bushes – How To Prune Holly Bushes

While their year-round beauty is often seen as an asset among other landscape plantings, some types of holly bushes can become unwieldy if left unpruned. Find out how to trim a holly bush in this article.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Male And Female Holly Bush

Some shrubs - like holly - require separate male and female plants in order for pollination to occur for berry production. But how does one go about identifying male and female holly bushes? Click here to find out.

Holly Problems: Holly Leaf Spot Or Holly Tar Spot

Most holly plants are normally very resilient. But all are susceptible to holly leaf spot, also known as holly tar spot. Get tips on how to recognize and control holly leaf and tar spot in the article that follows.