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Children love to play outdoors and they love to play games, so a great way to combine these two things is to have a scavenger hunt. A flower scavenger hunt is especially fun, as children will delight in seeking out pretty flowers around the yard during this flower garden game.

How to Set Up a Scavenger Hunt for Flowers

First, determine how old the children who will be participating in the flower scavenger hunt will be. If they are children who are not yet reading easily, you may want to give them a list with pictures so that they can match the picture to the flower. Elementary age children can simply be given a list of the common flower names for this flower game. For children who are older or for adults, you can consider giving them a flower scavenger hunt list that has the scientific botanical names. Second, decide how the players will be collecting the flowers. If the flowers on the list are plentiful, physical collection is nice and everyone has a bouquet of flowers to take home at the end of the flower garden game. However, if you would prefer not to have your garden plucked clean of flowers, you may want to consider having a photo scavenger hunt, where the players take pictures of the flowers. You can also simply have the players mark the flowers off their list as they find them. Third, you will want to make the list for your flower game. Below, we have posted a long flower scavenger hunt list. You can use flowers from this list or you can make up your own list for your flower garden game. Remember to keep in mind what is blooming when creating your list.

Flower Scavenger Hunt List

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