Shade Sand Plants – Growing Shade Plants In Shady Soil

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Most plants like well-draining soil but planting in sand takes things a bit further. Plants in sandy soil must be able to withstand periods of drought, as any moisture will seep away from roots. Then, to add another growing challenge, you have shade. Shade sand plants have to be tough and adaptable to thrive. Keep reading for some great shade plants for sand situations.

Tips on Installing Plants in Sandy Soil

It can be tough finding shade-loving plants for sandy soil. This is due to the challenges with low light and poor soil. If you have just one of these challenges it would be easier, but with both a gardener has to get very creative. Shade and sand plants will not only receive little photosynthesis but will also live in a perpetually dry environment.

Don’t despair if this situation is your garden. Shade sand plants do exist and can beautify this difficult garden zone.

You can improve the odds for planting shade plants for sand sites by incorporating a generous amount of compost at least 8 inches (20.5 cm.) deep. This will not only enhance the fertility of the site but also act as a sponge in retaining moisture.

Installing a drip system that delivers regular water to the root zone of each plant is also helpful. Another little helper is the laying of an inch or two (2.5 to 5 cm.) of organic mulch around the root zones of plants.

Shade and sand plants will also benefit from annual fertilizer, preferably a time-release formula.

Seasonal Color Sandy Shade Plants

If you get at least two to six hours of sun in the site, you can plant flowering specimens. In extremely low light you may get some flowers, but blooms will not be prolific. Prepare the site as suggested and try some of these perennials:

Shrubs and Other Shade and Sand Tolerant Plants

Want foliage and more persistent plants? There are several shrubs and groundcovers that will fit the bill. Consider these options:

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