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Halloween Garden Decor
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If you love Halloween and design the perfect décor annually, try planning ahead and grow your own Halloween decorations. Pumpkins are the most obvious and traditional, but there are more fall décor plants that can contribute to the spirit of the season. Even some indoor spooky plants can translate the feeling of Halloween with their weird appearance and surprising abilities.

Garden Halloween Decorations

Halloween decor abounds in stores, but much is made from plastic, an item known to cause long term pollution. If you want natural Halloween decorations, grow them yourself! Halloween plants may produce unusual fruits, lend the orange and black colors that define the holiday, or simply have eerie properties.

There are many things you can do to a pumpkin to promote Halloween, but a harvest wreath, colorful display of gourds, corn stalks, mums, and even ornamental kale will help give a nod to the holiday. Best of all, such items can remain as part of your Thanksgiving décor. Use LED lights to illuminate your garden goodies and add straw bales to create dimension.

Growing and Using Plants for Halloween Décor

Depending on your zone and plant hardiness, bring in black flowering or foliage plants to add to the drama. Some suggestions of black Halloween plants are:

Again, depending on each plant's hardiness, these may grow outside or inside. Carnivorous plants scream spooky with their ability to catch and eat insects. Pitcher plants, sundews, and Venus flytraps are readily available. Surround them with Spanish moss, which screams a Halloween vibe.

Crested Euphorbia, such as ‘Frankenstein,’ looks like something out of a creature feature from the old days, while brain cactus looks like a spiky version of cranium contents. Also try:

Natural Halloween Decorations

Whether you grow your own Halloween decorations or pick up items from the produce section of a Farmer's market, you can get crafty with some of the items available in fall. A fruit called Buddha's fingers may be available in specialty produce stores and would bring the creepy feel when draped over a bowl.

Sure, you can carve a pumpkin, but you can also cut off the top, clean it out and fill it with a variety of autumn flowers. Weave together dried flowers, like strawflower, with grasses and grains to create a lovely wreath or center piece.

Having a party? Make mini pumpkins into place holders, wrap napkins in twine with fall flowers, or serve soup in a gourd.

There are many ways to stay natural and use garden Halloween decorations, while still having a "green" holiday.

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