What Is A Fantasy Garden: Learn How To Make A Magical Garden

magical garden
magical garden
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What is a fantasy garden? Fantasy gardens are beautiful, whimsical landscapes filled with myths, mysteries and magic, drama and dreams, secrets, adventure and romance. When it comes to fantasy garden designs, you’re limited only by your imagination and your own brand of magic garden inspiration. Here are a few suggestions to pique your creativity.

How to Make a Magical Garden

Plants: Every garden needs plants, and a fantasy garden is no exception. Plants for fantasy garden designs are up to you, so select those that you enjoy. If you aren’t sure what to plant, choose a variety of colorful, blooming plants along with green plants for contrast.

Include vining plants like morning glory, sweet peas or honeysuckle to climb over a trellis or fence. Hosta and ferns are ideal for shady corners and create a feeling of peace and romance.

Color: Don’t hold back when it comes to color in your magic garden. Inspiration for color can be found in children’s books like A Secret Garden or Alice in Wonderland. Movies like Lord of the Rings or Avatar are great sources of inspiration as well.

Many fantasy garden designs suggest pink and other pastel colors, but you can also fill your garden with purple, red, and other bold hues.

Aroma: Plant honeysuckle or old-fashioned roses to fill your fantasy garden with a sweet aroma. Other aromatic plants include:

Light: Lighting creates a magical, other-worldly atmosphere in fantasy garden designs. Be subtle, though, and beware of lights shaped like fairies or flowers unless you’re creating a fantasy garden for children.

A string of white holiday lights works well in nearly any fantasy garden. If you have a pond or fountain, place lights strategically where they will reflect. Also, consider solar pathway lights or tiki torches.

Sound: Your fantasy garden is a garden for the senses, so don’t forget sound. You can always use a few gently tinkling wind chimes, but you can also consider plants that make their own sound. For example, weeping trees, ornamental grass, or plants with seed pods that rattle in the breeze work well.

A fountain or bubbling bird bath provides a gentle sound of running water.

Life: You can bring a magical garden to life by adding whimsical décor, like fairies and gnomes. But if you’re looking to liven it up even more, encourage wildlife to visit.

If you plant blooming flowers, you can expect butterflies, bees and hummingbirds to visit your garden. If you have a pond or creek, frogs will be frequent visitors. A bird feeder will attract songbirds, which provide both sound and color.

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