How To Grow Corn – How To Grow Your Own Corn

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Corn (Zea mays) is one of the most popular vegetables you could grow in your garden. Everyone loves corn on the cob on a hot summer day drizzled with butter. Further, it can be blanched and frozen so you can enjoy fresh corn from your garden in the winter.

Most methods for corn planting are similar. The difference will fall into what type of soil you have and whether or not you have to add certain garden materials to your soil for your corn to grow. Another difference would be the amount of corn your gardening space can handle.

How to Grow Your Own Corn

If you want to grow your own corn, you need to know how to grow corn from seed. There aren’t many people who actually start the corn plants first. It is just not feasible.

Corn enjoys growing in an area that allows for full sunshine. Shade will not produce as much corn as you’d like. If you want to know how to grow corn from seed, your first responsibility is to make sure you plant the seeds in well drained soil. This will increase your yield dramatically. Make sure your soil has a lot of organic matter in it and fertilizer before you plant the corn. Good soil preparation is very important.

How to grow corn is pretty simple. Just wait for the temperature of the soil to reach 60 degrees F. or above. Make sure there have been plenty of frost-free days before putting the corn into the soil. Otherwise, your crop will be sparse.


If you are thinking about how to grow corn from seed, there are only a few rules to follow. First, make sure you make your rows 24-30 inches apart from each other. Plant the corn one to two inches deep in the soil about nine to twelve inches apart from each other in the row.

Mulch will help keep your corn free from weeds and will help to hold in moisture during drought conditions in the summertime.

How Long Does it Take for Corn to Grow?

You might be wondering, “how long does it take for corn to grow?” There are many different varieties of corn and a couple of different methods for corn planting, so you can plant 60-day, 70-day or 90-day corn. When most people think about how to grow corn, they are thinking in terms of their own private stash of corn.

One of the other different methods for corn planting is to have a continuous growing season. To do this, you can plant several types of corn that mature at different time intervals. Otherwise, plant the same kind of corn staggered by 10-14 days so you have a continuous crop.

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