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Septoria Diseased Plants – Signs Of Cane And Leaf Spot Disease

By Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh, Writer, blogger, herb specialist

If you?ve noticed spots on your caneberry stems or foliage, they?ve likely been affected by septoria. While this doesn?t necessarily spell disaster for your plants, it?s certainly not something you want to have. Click this article for tips on managing the disease in your garden.

Berry Container Gardening Tips: Growing Unusual Berries In Pots

By Teo Spengler

Unusual berry plants add interest and exoticism to a backyard berry patch. When space is limited, berries are perfect container plants. Here are some tips to get you started with non-traditional container berries.

Berry Harvest Time: Best Time To Pick Berries In The Garden

By Amy Grant

Knowing how and when to harvest berries is important. Harvesting berries at just the right moment is the key to the best possible flavor of these fruits. Learn more in this article.

Berry Containers – Berries Growing In A Container

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Growing berries in containers can be a great alternative for those with little space. The key to success is adequate drainage and pot size. This article will provide information on what you need to be successful.

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