Information About Elderberries

Filled with antioxidants, elderberries are exceptionally healthy treats and the shrubs make great additions to home gardens. Learn more about growing elderberry plants and how to care for them in the articles that follow. Here you'll find tips for pruning elderberry bushes, when to harvest elderberry fruit and much, much more.

Planting Elderberry – Care Of Elderberries

Elderberry is a large bush or shrub that produces bluish-black berries commonly used in wines, juices, jellies and jams. Growing elderberries is not difficult, and this article will help with that.

Elderberry Plant Companions – Tips On Planting With Elderberries

Gardeners love elderberries because they attract pollinators, like butterflies and bees, and provide food for wildlife. These shrubs can be planted alone but look best with elderberry plant companions. What to plant with elderberries? This article will help.

Rooting Elderberry Cuttings: How To Propagate Elderberry Cuttings

Elderberries are woody plants, thus starting elderberry from cuttings is a simple and common method of elderberry propagation. How to propagate elderberry cuttings and when is the best time to take elderberry cuttings? Learn more here.

Elderberry Bush Varieties: Different Types Of Elderberry Plants

Elderberries are one of the easiest shrubs to grow. The shrubs are commonly found growing along the road, forest edges and abandoned fields. What types of elderberry plants are suited to your region? Find out in this article.

Elderberry Leaf Problems: What To Do For Elderberry Leaves Turning Yellow

Elderberries normally have beautiful dark green leaves set off by clusters of creamy white flowers. But what if your elderberry leaves are tuning yellow? What causes yellowing leaves on elderberries? Learn more in this article.

Elderberry Harvest Season: Tips For Picking Elderberries

It’s important to know when it is harvest time for elderberries, especially when making wine. Berries used for wine must be at their ripeness peak. So, when are the elderberries ripe? Read this article to learn more.

Trimming Elderberry Plants: Learn About Pruning An Elderberry

If you have an elderberry shrub in the home garden, then elderberry pruning is a necessity. The question is how to prune elderberries correctly? This article can help with that. Click here for additional information about elderberry pruning.

Elderberry Fertilizer Info: When And How To Fertilize Elderberry Plants

The elderberry shrub is fairly easy to grow, but an application of fertilizer for elderberry will help ensure the best fruit set. So how and when is the best time to fertilize elderberry? Read this article to find out more about fertilizing elderberries.

Can You Grow An Elderberry In A Pot: Tips For Growing Elderberries In Containers

Elderberries are highly ornamental shrubs that produce tasty berries. Most are grown in the landscape but growing elderberries in containers is possible. This article explains how to care for container-grown elderberry bushes.