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Fire Blight Of Loquats – Learn How To Treat Fire Blight In Loquat Trees

By Amy Grant

In order to control loquat fire blight, it is crucial to learn how to identify fire blight of loquats. The following information will help to identify the disease and provide tips on how to treat fire blight in loquat plants. Click here to learn more.

Loquat Leaf Drop: Reasons A Loquat Is Losing Leaves

By Amy Grant

Loquat trees are prone to a few issues, namely loquat leaf drop. Don?t panic if the leaves are falling off your loquat. Click this article to find out why the loquat is losing leaves and what to do if your loquat is dropping leaves.

My Loquat Tree Is Dropping Fruit – Why Are Loquats Dropping Off Tree

By Teo Spengler

It is particularly sad when you notice premature loquat fruit drop. Why is my loquat tree dropping fruit, you may ask? For information about loquats dropping off trees in your orchard, click on the article that follows.

Growing Loquat Seeds – Learn About Loquat Seed Germination

By Liz Baessler

Planting loquat from seeds is easy, although because of grafting you can't expect to get a tree that produces the same fruit. If you're growing loquat seeds for ornamental purposes, though, you should be fine. Learn more about loquat seed germination here.

Fruitless Loquat Tree: Getting A Loquat Tree To Bloom And Fruit

By Amy Grant

As with any fruiting tree, there may be a year of a fruitless loquat tree. Often this coincides with a loquat tree that won't flower. No loquat blossoms equals no fruit. Why is the loquat not blooming and are there any tricks to help? Find out in this article.

Loquat Tree Planting: Learning About Growing Loquat Fruit Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Ornamental as well as practical, loquat trees make excellent lawn specimen trees. Large clusters of attractive fruit stand out against the dark green, tropical-looking foliage. Learn more about growing them here.

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