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Nectarines are basically just peaches without the fuzz, and like their fuzzy cousins, nectarines are sweet, juicy, and delicious. Growing nectarines isn’t complex, but these deciduous fruit trees do require a dependable water supply, regular fertilization and proper pruning. The following articles provide tips and best practices for growing nectarine trees in your garden.

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Diseases Of Nectarines: How To Spot Common Nectarine Diseases

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Nectarine disease symptoms may not be readily apparent, and you may have to do some serious observation to locate issues. Others are visually evident and not hard to identify. If your nectarine tree is looking or performing differently than in years past, this article can help.

Bugs That Eat Nectarines – Tips For Controlling Nectarine Pests In Gardens

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Nectarines and peaches are often used interchangeably in cooking. Not surprisingly, both often face the same pests in the garden. Controlling nectarine pests in the home orchard will help to maintain plant vigor and prevent future pest problems. Learn more here.

Nectarine Tree Not Fruiting – How To Get Fruit On Nectarine Trees

By Amy Grant

Getting no fruit on the nectarine trees? If there are no obvious diseases or insect pests, why is the nectarine tree not fruiting? There are quite a few reasons for a fruitless nectarine tree. Find out how to get fruit on nectarine trees in this article.

Pruning A Nectarine Tree – Learn How To Prune Nectarine Trees

By Amy Grant

Pruning a nectarine is an important part of taking care of the tree. There are a number of reasons for cutting back a nectarine tree each with a specific purpose. This article will help with the ins and outs of nectarine pruning.

Caring For Nectarines In Pots: Tips For Growing Nectarines In Containers

By Liz Baessler

It?s relatively easy to grow fruit trees in containers, so you can keep them on a porch or patio and even bring them inside during the harshest parts of winter. Learn more about how to grow a nectarine tree in a pot and potted nectarine tree care in this article.

When To Spray Nectarines: Tips On Spraying Nectarine Trees In Gardens

By Jackie Carroll

Stay a step ahead of nectarine pests without drenching your trees in toxic chemicals. How? This article explains when to spray nectarines, and offers some advice on the least toxic options when it comes time to do so. Click here to learn more.

Nectarine Harvest Season: Tips On Picking Nectarines

By Amy Grant

Nectarines happen to be one of my favorite fruits, but it can be hard to tell the exact perfect time to pick them. When is the best time to pick a nectarine and how to harvest nectarines? Find out in this article.

Thinning Out Nectarines – How To Thin Nectarines

By Amy Grant

If you have a nectarine tree, then you know that they tend to set a lot of fruit. Certain fruit trees set more fruit than the tree can handle and includes nectarines. Learn about thinning nectarine fruit in this article.

Nectarine Fruit Oozing: What To Do For Sap Oozing In Nectarines

By Kristi Waterworth

In many parts of the country, it's not summer until peaches and nectarines start to ripen on local fruit trees. But what if your fruits aren't perfect, or worse, your nectarines are oozing? Read here to learn more.

Growing Nectarine Fruit Trees: Learn About The Care Of Nectarine Trees

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Nectarines are a delicious fruit and are similar to peaches. Read this article to learn more about how to grow and care for nectarine trees so you can enjoy these fruits right from your own garden.

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