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Pepino Fruit Harvest: How And When To Pick Pepino Melons

By Amy Grant

For the most optimal flavor, knowing when to pick pepino melons is of paramount importance. Pick the fruit too early and it lacks sweetness, harvest pepino fruit too late and it may be too soft or even beginning to rot on the vine. Learn more here.

What Is Eating My Pepino Melon: How To Get Rid Of Pests On Pepino Melon

By Amy Grant

If you are growing pepino melons, as with any crop, you may be having some trouble with pepino melon pests and wondering ?what?s eating my pepino melon.? This article will help to identify these pests in order to treat them.

What Is A Pepino: Tips On Growing Pepino Plants

By Amy Grant

The pepino melon shrub is an evergreen native to the mild Andean regions of Colombia, Peru and Chile. So what is pepino? Read this article for information about pepino plant care.

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