Common Herbs: The Types Of Herbs You Can Grow In Your Garden

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When you’re thinking of planting your own herbs, many come to mind. The most common herbs would be the ones you know will replace some of the ones you buy in the store. These would be the edible herbs that everyone is most familiar with. If you aren’t familiar with growing edible herbs, however, you might be asking yourself, “What kinds of herbs can I grow?” This is a list of garden herbs that are the most common ones found in herb gardens.

Types of Common Garden Herbs

These are the types of herbs I grow when I plant my own herb garden.

  • BasilBasil is quite popular as far as edible herbs go and is great in tomato sauces and other tomato dishes. It requires a lot of sun and demands that you pinch off the ripe leaves so it will continue to get bigger.
  • Bay Leaf– Another one of the more common garden herbs is the bay leaf. This is great in soups and stews and is grown as a bush in the wild that can get quite large. However, in a small pot in your kitchen, it is quite easy to maintain.
  • Chives– When it comes to the types of herbs you put in your foods on a regular basis, you don’t want to forget about chives. As far as edible herbs go, chives are great in potatoes, dips, and even as a garnish to a lot of creamy soups. They grow up like a tall grass and are easily clipped when needed.
  • Dill WeedDill is one of the common herbs that is not only great in dips and salad dressings, but is a wonderful smelling plant just to have in the garden. I love the way my outdoor herb garden smells when I walk past and the dill is in bloom.
  • Garlic– When planting your own herbs, garlic is a great addition to your garden. Although you might not think of it as an edible herb but instead more of an onion, this is one of those edible herbs that is awesome in just about anything you use it in.

Finally, when thinking about your list of garden herbs, remember that parsley, sage, and mint are also great herbs to include. They are good in all sorts of recipes and mint is one you can even add to teas.

When asking yourself, “What kind of herbs can I grow,” you need to remember that your list of garden herbs is only limited to your recipe box ingredients. When planting your own herbs, be creative and plant what you know you will use.

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