Unusual Vegetables And Fruits For Your Backyard Landscape

Purple Cauliflower-Like Vegetables
purple cauliflower
(Image credit: Mike Gifford)

Are you tired of looking at the same old plants in your yard, year after year? If you'd like to try something different, and maybe save some money in the process, you might be interested in trying edible landscaping using unusual vegetables and fruits for your backyard.

Unusual Edibles for Your Backyard Landscape

Not all edible plants are easily recognized as vegetables; a good thing if you'd prefer to not have your neighbors come over and sample your produce! Some of the best and easiest to grow include the following unusual fruits and vegetables:

Unusual Vegetables for the garden

Unusual Fruits for Gardens

There are many others you could try, far too many to name here. Don't forget to include exotic fruits and regular type veggies with different varieties of colors or shapes too -- like purple-headed cauliflower, white pumpkins, and yellow eggplant.

Heather Rhoades
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