Growing Berries That Attract Birds: How To Choose Berries Birds Love

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Bird Eating Berries From A Tree Branch
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Attracting birds into the home landscape can be an exciting and enjoyable hobby for everyone. Whether an avid bird watcher or one who just enjoys their beautiful songs, watching and listening to birds in the garden is an ideal form of relaxation for some people. From bluebirds to finches, encouraging colorful feathered friends into the yard can be achieved in a variety of ways, most especially by providing berries birds love.

Planting Berries for Birds

Although birds may easily be attracted with the use of feeders and bird baths in the warmer months, encouraging residents in your yard throughout cooler seasons can be a little more challenging. Diversity in bird feeding is essential to the health of birds, as well as the backyard ecosystem.

By designing a space that incorporates diverse planting and feeding options, backyard bird watchers are able to meet the needs of the bird species they wish to attract. One such group of plants, berries, are an excellent choice for those wishing to attract and sustain a wide variety of bird species.

When it comes to planting berries, birds love plants that offer food year-round. This is difficult in many growing zones, as winter often brings snow and frigid temperatures. When birds are not able to find insects, berries offer them much needed fats and nutrients for survival.

These birds also play a vital role in the propagation and spread of these fruiting plants. Finding berries that attract birds during each part of the growing season will be key to sustaining healthy populations in and around your yard.

Bird Attracting Berry Plants

Though planting berries for birds is a great way to introduce variety into the landscape, some types of berries may also serve as a sweet treat for the gardener. Plants like strawberries and blueberries, for example, will delight homeowners as well as flying wildlife.

Even though some berry plants are edible, it is important to remember that many are toxic to people. Make sure to research your plant choices carefully. Keeping kids and pets safe will be essential as you begin planting berries for the birds. Here are some popular berry-producing plants that the birds will appreciate:

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