Common Zone 5 Perennials – Perennial Flowers For Zone 5 Gardens

Purple And Red Perennial Flowers
zone 5 perennials
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North America is divided into 11 hardiness zones. These hardiness zones indicate each zone’s average lowest temperatures. Most of the United States is in hardiness zones 2 through 10, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Plant hardiness zones indicate the lowest temperatures a plant can survive in. For example, zone 5 plants cannot survive in temperatures lower than -15 to -20 degrees F. (-26 to –29 C.). Fortunately, there are many plants, especially perennials, which can survive in zone 5 and lower. Continue reading to learn more about growing perennials in zone 5.

Growing Perennials in Zone 5

While zone 5 is not the coldest zone in the U.S. or North America, it is still a cold, northern climate with winter temperatures that can dip down to -20 degrees F. (-29 C.). Snow is also very common in zone 5 winters, which actually helps insulate plants and their roots from the brutal winter chill. Regardless of this frigid winter weather, there are many common zone 5 perennials and bulbs you can grow and enjoy year after year. In fact, bulb plants have many varieties that will naturalize in zone 5, including:

Zone 5 Perennial Plants

Below is a list of common perennial flowers for zone 5:

Darcy Larum