Growing Zone 7 Fruit Trees: Tips On Planting Fruit Trees In Zone 7 Gardens

zone 7 fruit tree
zone 7 fruit tree
(Image credit: Gudella)

There are many different fruit trees that grow in zone 7. Milder winters allow zone 7 gardeners to grow a number of fruit varieties that are not available to northern gardeners. At the same time, zone 7 is not so far south that northern growing fruit trees scorch and fry in the summer heat. Zone 7 fruit growers can take advantage of the best of both worlds. Continue reading for a list of fruit trees for zone 7.

Planting Fruit Trees in Zone 7 Gardens

In any hardiness zone, fruit trees require rich, fertile soil that drains well. Pests and diseases of fruit trees can vary somewhat from zone to zone, as certain pests and diseases thrive in specific conditions. However, trees that are properly planted, watered and fertilized are better able to withstand disease and pests. 

Just like a herd of gazelle being stalked by lions, the young, weak or sick are usually the first to fall victim. When planting fruit trees in zone 7, you may also need to plant a pollinator if the fruit tree is not a self-pollinating variety. For example, apple trees usually require another nearby apple tree or crabapple to pollinate. Honeycrisp is a recommended pollinator for Snow Sweet apple trees. 

Do your homework on the fruit trees you are considering so you don’t end up planting a tree that may never produce fruit. Garden center workers can also help you select the right trees and answer questions you may have, as can your local extension office.

Growing Zone 7 Fruit Trees

Below are listed some common fruit trees that grow in zone 7, and their most popular varieties.


Apple trees in the landscape are great to have and these varieties do well in zone 7:


If you prefer apricots over apples, then these selections are recommended:

  • Moongold
  • Moorpark
  • Scout
  • Sungold


Most people love cherries and these zone 7 cherry trees are great additions:


Growing a fig tree is easy enough, especially varieties that thrive in zone 7 like:


Nectarines are another fruit tree favorite. Try your hand at growing these types:

  • Sunglo
  • Red Gold
  • Fantasia
  • Carolina Red


If you don’t mind the fuzz, then maybe a peach tree is more to your liking. These varieties are common:


Pears are great fruits trees to consider for zone 7. Try the following:

Asian Pear

Like their cousins, the Asian pear is another popular fruit tree in the landscape. Those for zone 7 include:


If you’re into persimmons, these tree varieties work well:

  • Fuyu
  • Jiro
  • Hana Gosho


Plum trees grow easily in zone 7. Try the varieties below:

  • Black Ice
  • La Crescent
  • Mount Royal
  • Methley
  • Byron Gold
  • Ozark
  • Stanley
  • Superior
  • Toka

Some less common fruit trees that grow in zone 7 are:

Darcy Larum