Zone 7 Year Round Plants – Year Round Plants For Landscaping In Zone 7

camellia dl
camellia dl
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In U.S. hardiness zone 7, winter temperatures can dip from 0 to 10 degrees F. (-17 to -12 C.). For gardeners in this zone, this means more opportunity to add plants with year round interest into the landscape. Sometimes called “Four Season” plants, they are just that: plants that look nice in spring, summer, fall and even winter. 

While very few plants are in bloom year round, four season plants can add interest to the landscape in other ways besides flowering. Continue reading to learn more about year round plants for zone 7.

Year Round Plants for Zone 7 Climates

Conifersare the most common year round plants in just about every zone. Their needles retain their color even during winter in extremely cold climates. On chilly, winter days pines, spruces, junipers, firs, and golden mops (false cypress) can stand out against the gray skies and stick out of snowy beds, reminding us there is still life under the blanket of winter. 

Besides conifers, many other plants have evergreen foliage in zone 7. Some common shrubs with evergreen foliage in zone 7 are:

In milder climates, like U.S. zone 7, some perennials and vines also have evergreen foliage. For evergreen vines, try crossvineand winter jasmine. Common perennials with evergreen to semi-evergreen foliage in zone 7 are:

Plants with evergreen foliage are not the only kinds of plants that can extend the landscape's appeal through all four seasons. Trees and shrubs with colorful or interesting bark are often used as year round plants for landscaping. Some common zone 7 plants with colorful or interesting bark are:

Weeping trees like Japanese maple, Lavender Twist redbud, weeping cherry and contorted hazelnut are also common year round plants for zone 7. Year round plants for landscaping can also include plants that have berries in cold months, such as viburnum, barberry or holly

They may also be plants with interesting seed heads throughout winter, like Echinaceaand sedum. Grasses are also zone 7 year round plants because throughout winter they retain their blades and feathery seed heads. Some common grasses for zone 7 with four season interest are:

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