Baby Names Inspired By Plants: Learn About Garden Names For Babies

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Whether driven by family tradition or the desire for a more unique name, ideas for naming a new baby abound. From websites to close relatives and acquaintances, it seems that nearly everyone may have a suggestion for naming that sweet little bundle of joy. It is easy to see why an expectant parent can quickly become overwhelmed. For those with green thumbs, however, naming their new baby may be as simple as walking into the garden.

Using Flower and Plant Baby Names

Garden-related baby names are a great choice for many. Whether choosing a more unique name or one that has long been used throughout history, the options are limitless when choosing baby names inspired by plants.

Garden names for babies are also quite versatile. While many may assume that flower baby names might only work for girls, many of these plant baby names also make a good choice for boys. The unisex nature of baby names inspired by plants is one that has become consistently more popular in recent years.

While the list of names stemming from plants and flowers can be long, here are some of the most commonly used names for babies to get you started:

  • Amaryllis – Large flowering bulbs most commonly found in shades of red, pink, and white.
  • Anise – An herb native to the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Ash – A type of tree, commonly used for naming boys.
  • Aster – A type of flower known for its profusion of blooms.
  • Basil – A favorite garden herb of many. In the past it was a very common name for boys.
  • Blossom – Flowers or mass of flowers on a plant.
  • Camellia – Evergreen shrubs commonly grown throughout the southern United States.
  • Caraway – Beautiful type of biennial garden herb commonly found in various baked goods.
  • Cedar – In reference to the species of conifer trees.
  • Clove – Common spice used in cooking and popular name for boys.
  • Cosmos – Beautiful annual flower in many colors. Good for boy’s name.
  • Daisy – Common name for shasta daisy flowers.
  • Fern – Evergreen, shade loving plants. Often found growing in moist forests with dappled light.
  • Flax – Wildflower with rich history of use. Popular for boys.
  • Fleur – French for ‘flower.’
  • Flora – Refers to plants of a particular region.
  • Floret - An individual part of larger compound flowers.
  • Fox – A shortened version of foxglove for little boys.
  • Godetia – A pink, native wildflower found in the western United States.
  • Hawthorn – Popular trees with spring blooms. Often used for boys.
  • Hazel – A type of shrub or small tree.
  • Heather – An ornamental type of heath plant.
  • Holly – Evergreen plants with particularly pointed leaves.
  • Iris – Summer flowering bulbs. Prized for their unique appearance and fragrance.
  • Ivy – A beautiful evergreen vine, though it is considered invasive in some places.
  • Jasmine – An intensely scented climbing plant with white blooms.
  • Kale – Leafy green vegetable used like spinach. Common for boy’s name.
  • Lily – Incredibly fragrant flower bulbs which bloom in early summer.
  • Linden – Popular tree in landscapes. Also used for boys.
  • Marigold – A tender annual flower, made popular for its use in companion planting.
  • Mazus – Creeping flowering plant often used for boys.
  • Oak – Common type of tree with many varieties. Popular for boys.
  • Oleander – a popular ornamental plant, though toxic. Makes good name for boy.
  • Perilla – An incredibly useful herb with strong anise and cinnamon scent.
  • Petunia – Popular bedding flowers that thrive in the summer heat.
  • Poppy – Hardy annual flowers that are among the first to bloom in early spring.
  • Reed – Common type of grass used throughout history. Common for boys.
  • Ren – A word meaning “water lily” in Japanese. Commonly used for boys.
  • Rose – Flowering shrubs or climbing plants with large, showy blooms.
  • Roselle – Relative to the hibiscus. Popular for their beautiful flowers and interesting seed pods.
  • Saffron – A much valued culinary ingredient.
  • Sage – An herb commonly found in home gardens for seasoning poultry. Perfect for boy’s name.
  • Violet – Small purple flowers which bloom in spring. Relative to the pansy flower.
  • Willow – Referring to weeping willow trees.
  • Zinnia – Easy to grow annual flower attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators.
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