Cyber Lime Plants: Grow The 2024 Color Of The Year In Your Garden

If you’ve yet to sample the surprising cyber lime – the Garden Media Group’s 2024 Color of the Year – this is your chance to see how gorgeous it can be in plants and flowers

cyber lime hydrangea limelight flowering in border
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Cyber lime might not seem like the most obvious choice for a garden, but bear with us. Just as many people closely watch fashion trends, some gardeners wait with bated breath for the hottest gardening trends. Current trends are unsurprisingly related to the future and environment. But one fascinating revelation is that the Garden Media Group’s 2024 Color of the Year is cyber lime. 

The Garden Media Group is responsible for selecting some of the most exciting upcoming garden trends. Their Garden Trends Report, now in its 23rd year, has sought to track significant shifts in the gardening world. This year, the group states that designers will use shades of green inspired by the environment, both in color and philosophy.

Cyber lime refers to lime green plants – often (but not always) chartreuse and lime green foliage plants. That said, there are also some extraordinary flowers that wear the ‘cyber lime’ label with pride. Find out how you can bring this unique color to your 2024 landscape.

Choosing The Best Cyber Lime Plants For Flowers

Garden Media Group’s President, Katie Dubow, has described the cyber lime color as ‘vivid, punchy and powerful’ in quality. It is said to evoke the character of ‘horti-futurism’ and the connection between technology and nature. The actual color of cyber lime is almost neon in tone – a sort of chartreuse on steroids. 

Green isn't an uncommon color to find in nature. Even green flowers aren't much of a rarity these days, although it is less common to find lime-hued bloomers. That said, here are some brilliant neon-green blooms that will really light up your plot:

1. Zinnia ‘Envy’

zinnia envy in bloom in border

(Image credit: Ritvars / Shutterstock)

‘Envy’ is one of the most striking examples of the cyber lime color in living form. While other zinnia varieties tend towards reds, oranges, yellows and pinks, this double-bloom beauty stands unique and proud. Capable of blooming all summer, this Mexican native plant flourishes in full sun and pollinator gardens with its acid green palette.

2. Dianthus ‘Green Ball’

dianthus green ball flowering in border display

(Image credit: Melissa Jensen / Alamy)

For lovers of conventional dianthus with its wide selection of pinks, ‘Green Ball’ is an unusual yet distinctive summer bloomer. Dianthus barbatus ‘Green Ball’ has fuzzy acid green petals that can reach 3in (8cm) in diameter. Dianthus cultivars are often seen in cottage gardens and mixed beds, but this one demands attention in a more prominent position.

3. Rudbeckia ‘Green Wizard’

rudbeckia green wizard in bloom

(Image credit: Andrew Greaves / Alamy)

Butterfly-charmers like rudbeckias don’t traditionally have to work too hard to draw in a crowd, but ‘Green Wizard’ ups the ante with its profusion of lime green petals. Blooming from June to September, all this dynamic plant needs is a rich loamy soil and full sunshine in order to transform beds and borders into a cyber lime showstopper.

4. Coneflower ‘Green Jewel’

coneflower green jewel flowering in border

(Image credit: Thriller Filler Spiller / Alamy)

As lime green plants go, this one delivers not just in terms of its zingy color but also in its prolific nature. Sturdy and compact, ‘Green Jewel’ spills forth with a sea of dazzling bright green flower heads around darker central cones. Said to have been discovered by garden designer Piet Oudolf, this coneflower cultivar is popular with butterflies and hummingbirds.

5. Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’

hydrangea little lime with panicle blossoms

(Image credit: Gratysanna / Getty Images)

There are a couple of amazing hydrangea varieties worthy of mention for a cyber lime garden. ‘Limelight’ (pictured above) starts as a fresh green that ages to pink. It’s capable of 16 weeks of impressive color. Alternatively, there’s stunning panicle cultivar ‘Little Lime’, with juicy green blooms that age to a dusky rose tone.

Also consider:
'Green Star’ gladiolus, ‘Green Gambler’ hellebore, ‘Lime Green’ nicotiana, ‘Evergreen’ amaryllis, bells-of-Ireland, ‘Lime Sorbet’ columbine, ‘Spring Green’ celosia, ‘Golden Jubilee’ agastache

The Best Cyber Lime Plants For Foliage

There are plenty of ‘cyber lime’ green foliage plants to choose from. Their bright hues beautifully offset other colors in the garden. Try growing ‘Lemony Lace’ elderberry, ‘Dart’s Gold’ ninebark or ‘Lime Glow’ spirea. ‘Francis Mason’ abelia makes a lovely hedge, bear’s breeches ‘Hollard’s Gold’ will brighten up shaded areas. Plant ‘Golden Lion’ acorus as a perennial grass, or ‘Lemon-Lime’ nandina, a clumping grass. ‘Blazin Lime’ iresine also gives that pop of neon green to the garden.

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