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Nothing compares to the beauty of a wisteria plant in bloom. Those springtime clusters of pale purple flowers can create a gardener’s dream or– if it’s in the wrong place, a gardener’s nightmare. Perhaps you didn’t realize just how big a wisteria can grow or perhaps its placement no longer suits your current garden plan. You’re thinking about how to transplant a wisteria. It’s a daunting thought. Transplanting wisteria is no walk in the garden, but it can be done.

When is the Best Time to Transplant Wisteria

The downside of transplanting wisteria that is well established is that it may take several years for the vine to bloom again. The best time to transplant wisteria is in the late fall or early spring when the plant is dormant, but the soil is workable. Choose your site carefully. You don’t want to do this again!

How to Transplant Wisteria Vines

Cut the vine back to about 3 feet (1 m.) tall. Start digging about 18 to 24 inches (46-61 cm.) from the stem. To successfully transplant wisteria, you must dig deep. Continue digging and prying in a circle around your transplant.

Wisteria doesn’t like to be moved, so take up as large of a root ball as possible. The more root with its original soil, the greater chance of success in transplanting wisteria. Place the root ball on a tarp and drag it to its new location.

When you’re ready to transplant wisteria, dig the new hole to twice the size of the root ball. Mix the soil from the hole with up to 50 percent compost or leaf mold to provide the best new home for your transplant. Wisteria does best in fertile soil with lots of sun. The best time to transplant wisteria is early morning or evening. Stake the vine immediately. Water well and keep your fingers crossed.

Transplanting wisteria can be difficult and back-breaking, but knowing how to transplant wisteria properly will increase your chances of success. Good luck and good digging!

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