Container Garden Themes: Types Of Container Gardens For Anyone

Large Containers With Tomatoes And Other Vegetable Plants
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Garden centers offer a nearly endless variety of bright, colorful plants for a container garden, but you might want to try something a little different this year. Put on your thinking cap and you might be surprised with the many fun themes for potted gardens.

Plant Ideas for Containers

The following container garden themes may pique your creativity.

Grow a Pizza Container Garden

If your family loves pizza, they’re bound to enjoy a pizza container garden. A large container works well for this theme, but you can still have fun with a smaller container too. Plants for a pizza garden can include herbs and veggies such as:

Bright and Spicy Pepper Themes for Potted Gardens

Peppers are beautiful, colorful plants and they’re fun to grow in a container. For instance, try the following:

Old-Fashioned Herb Tea Garden

When it comes to plant ideas for containers, an herb tea garden is both lovely and practical. Snip fresh herbs or dry the leaves for use throughout the year. Nearly any herb can be brewed into tea, so consider your preferences and your space (some herbs can get very large). Ideas for these types of container gardens include:

Tropical Citrus Plants for a Container Garden

If you don’t live in a warm climate, you can still grow dwarf lemon trees or Meyer lemons (bring them indoors for the winter). A citrus garden could also include:

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