Hanging Herb Garden: How To Make An Herb Planter

Herb Garden In A Hanging Basket
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Enjoy all your favorite herbs throughout the season with a hanging herb garden. Not only are these easy to grow and versatile, but they're great for those with little to no space for a full-fledged garden area.

Best Herbs for Hanging Baskets

While some of the best herbs for hanging baskets are those that are comfortable in potted environments, basically any type of herb can be successfully grown this way as long as you provide adequate growing conditions and drainage. Although you can grow nearly any herb in hanging baskets, here are some good choices to start with as well as the most common:

If you feel like getting frisky, you can try some of the more interesting varieties such as:

How to Make an Herb Planter for Hanging

Whether it's an herb garden in a basket or even an upside-down hanging herb garden, putting it all together takes little effort, though you may want to do a little research beforehand to ensure that whatever herbs you choose to plant together will thrive with one another. Hanging Herb Baskets - While nearly any hanging basket will work, you may find that the wire-type baskets work better and are easier to use when you want some variety. Line the basket with sphagnum peat moss or a coconut liner after soaking it thoroughly in water. Lay the moss on the wireframe from the inside and push through. Coconut liners should fit just inside the wire basket. Next, cut a plastic bag to fit the inside of the basket and poke some drainage holes throughout the bottom. Cut slits in the moss or liner and insert some herbs along the sides of the basket, tucking the liner back in place around them. Partially fill the basket with soil or a compost and sand mix, then add your herbs with the tallest in the center and all others worked in around it, spacing close together, 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm.) apart. Fill in with additional soil, water thoroughly, and hang the container in a well-lit area receiving at least four to six hours of sun. Upside Down Herb Gardens - Use a nail to add some holes in the bottom of an old coffee can. For hanging later, add a hole on either side of the top, at least ¼ to ½ inch (6 mm. to 1 cm.) from the rim. Trace the bottom of the can onto a coffee filter. Cut it out and add a hole in the center just large enough to accommodate your herb plant. Add a slit from this hole to the outer edge of the filter to help maneuver the plant through (repeat this for can lids). Fill the can with soil and pot up your herb, placing the filter around it. Top with the lid and secure with duct tape. Decorate it with adhesive fabric or paint. Cut a 6- to 12-inch (15-30.5 cm.) piece of wire, looping it at each end, and then bend the wire over to hook the ends on either side of your container. Hang in a sunny location and enjoy.

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