Information About Corn

Mmm, sweet corn on the cob. What a wonderful summer treat, especially when it’s home grown. The following information provides tips for growing corn of all kinds and how to care for corn so you can get the most of your harvest. Learn what corn needs to grow and how to tackle common corn problems and you will soon enjoy your own corn picked fresh from the garden.

How To Grow Corn – How To Grow Your Own Corn

Corn is one of the most popular vegetables you could grow in your garden. Everyone loves corn on the cob on a hot summer day drizzled with butter. Find tips on growing corn in the garden here.

Why Is My Sweet Corn Not Sweet: Fixing Corn That Is Not Sweet

Corn is relatively easy to grow and getting corn to taste sweet generally involves no more than proper watering and fertilization. When sweet corn isn’t sweet, the problem may be the type of corn you planted or the timing of harvest. Click here for more details.

Companion Planting With Corn – Learn About Planting Next To Corn

The Three Sisters is a method of companion planting with corn, squash and beans, but there are other plants to grow with corn that are just as compatible. Find out about companion planting with corn and suitable corn plant companions here.

Southern Corn Leaf Blight Treatment – What Are Symptoms Of Southern Leaf Blight

Tan spots on corn leaves might mean that your crop is suffering from southern corn leaf blight. This devastating disease can ruin the season's harvest. Find out if your corn is at risk and what to do about it in this article.

What Is Dent Corn: Planting Dent Corn In The Garden

Sweet corn and popcorn are grown for human consumption, but what is dent corn? What are some of the uses for dent corn? Find out about planting dent corn and other pertinent dent corn information in this article.

Yellowing Corn Leaves: Why Corn Plant Leaves Turn Yellow

Corn is one of the most popular crops to grow in the home garden. Not only is it delicious, but it is impressive when all goes well. But what happens if your corn plants have yellowing leaves? And how do you go about treating them? Find out here.

Corn Plant Tillers: Tips On Removing Suckers From Corn

I have noticed some sort of sucker on the corn stalks. After doing a little research, I found that these are referred to as corn plant tillers. What are corn tillers and should you be removing the suckers from corn? Find out in this article.

Fixing Knocked Over Corn: What To Do When Corn Is Bent Over

Tall stands of corn are particularly susceptible to heavy rain, not to mention the almost synonymous winds, leaving one to wonder how to save knocked over corn. Can you restore bent corn plants? Click this article to learn more.

Common Smut Of Corn: What To Do For Corn Smut Fungus

Gardeners with extra space to plant corn are truly the lucky ones, but when that corn crop develops corn smut, it can be devastating. Find out what to do about these unusual silvery growths on your corn in this article.

No Ears On Corn Stalks: Why Is My Corn Not Producing Ears

We are growing corn this year. As with everything we grow, we hope the outcome will be some juicy, sweet corn, but I’ve had some problems in the past and maybe you have to. Have you ever grown corn plants without ears? Get more info about that here.

Corn Plant Problems: Reasons A Corn Plant Is Wilted

If you have withering corn plants, the most likely cause is environmental. Corn plant problems such as wilting may be the result of temperature fluxes and irrigation, but some diseases afflict corn plants too. Learn more about this here.

Poor Kernel Production: Why Are There No Kernels On Corn

Have you ever grown gorgeous, healthy corn stalks but upon closer inspection view abnormal corn ears with little to no kernels on corn cobs? Why is corn not producing kernels and how can you steer clear of poor kernel production? Read this article to learn more.

Ornamental Corn Uses: Tips For Growing Ornamental Corn

Ornamental corn plants can be used in a variety of decorative schemes to celebrate holidays or complement autumn’s natural hues. Learn more about growing and caring for ornamental corn here.

Controlling Corn Rootworm – Preventing Corn Rootworm Injury In Gardens

If you don't know to watch for corn rootworm injury, a potentially serious problem of corn, then the following article will explain why you should. So read this article for corn rootworm control.

Growing Corn In Pots: Learn How To Grow Corn In A Container

Got soil, got a container, got a balcony, rooftop, or a stoop? If the answer to these is yes, you may ask, “can you grow corn in containers?” Yes, you can grow corn in a container, and this article will help.

Tips For Harvesting Corn: How And When To Pick Corn

Fresh-picked corn tastes much better than grocery store corn when the ears are at the peak of perfection. Read here for corn harvesting info that will help you decide when the time is right for harvesting corn.

Cross Pollination Of Corn: Preventing Cross Pollinating In Corn

In order to keep your crop at its best, preventing cross pollinating in corn is vital. To learn more about the effects of cross pollination in corn and how to reduce this, read the article that follows.

Corn Root Borer: Tips For Controlling Corn Borers In The Garden

The European corn borer insect is one of the most damaging corn pests known in the United States and Canada, causing over $1 billion dollars of damage to corn crops annually. For information on its control, read here.

Problems With Corn: Information On Early Corn Tasseling

You’ve planted your corn and to the best of your ability have provided adequate corn plant care. But why are your corn plant tassels coming out so soon? Find out reasons why corn tassels too soon in this article.

Growing Popcorn – Popcorn Growing Conditions And How To Grow Popcorn

Did you know you can grow popcorn in the garden? Popcorn is not only a fun and tasty crop to grow in the garden, but it will also store for several months after harvesting. Read here to learn more popcorn plant info.

Corn Pollination – How To Hand Pollinate Corn

For the home gardener, manual pollination of corn is almost a necessity. Learning how to hand pollinate corn can increase your yield and help prevent those sterile stalks. Learn more in this article.

How To Grow Sweet Corn In The Garden

Sweet corn plants are definitely a warm season crop. Planting sweet corn is easy enough, and soon enough throughout the summer you can be eating fresh corn on the cob. This article will help get you started.

Tips For Growing Corn Indoors

For people who live in apartments or simply need an escape from the winter blahs, the idea of growing corn indoors may seem intriguing. But you have to be dedicated. Learn how to grow corn plants indoors here.